Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Farmhouse Spring Entertaining

Today is February 22nd and it's going to reach nearly 80°..... in the Midwest. While I know there is still plenty of time for it to turn cold again - I am loving all the signs of Spring around here. And as a good farmer's wife - I am already praying for rain.... here we go again. ;)

Back to pretty Spring table settings. When we were building our house I desperately wanted a "formal dining room." Our plan didn't have one and one just didn't fit anywhere in our house - so I settled without. For the time being my farmer and I eat all of our meals at our island - so our little table area is my formal dining room. Although its not always completely set with dishes and glasses - it does most always have fresh flowers in the middle (or a pumpkin in the fall) - it does give me a little creative outlet for doing new table settings.

When I think of Spring flowers I instantly think of tulips. Every tree in my yard is surrounded with tulips outside and I love to bring them indoors as well. Yellow is a quintessential springtime color to me - so that's what I picked up at Trader Joe's last week.

I started the hyacinths as bulbs late last fall - they are doing so good I just had to add them to the table as well.

These white dishes are our everyday dishes.... I have a beautiful blue and white Ralph Lauren set that is our wedding china pattern, but the simple white suited me best for this post and this setting... Very informal - looks like it's ready for the perfect Easter brunch.

I purchased my two end chairs separately - but this dining room furniture I purchased probably 9 years ago from my brother and sister in law - and they purchased it from their brother and sister in law.... So it's been in the "family" for a while now. I did stain the top to be a little darker and we painted the chairs and the legs. It's serving us well for now - but I eventually would like something a little larger.

While I really hope my husband is not reading this post (and if he is - babe, I'll make you something special for dinner) but I love these tables and chairs from the Arhaus Dining Collection.

This one in particular - The Tuscany Table in Noceto - would look perfect in my kitchen.

I couldn't get enough of the lighting we had that day.


I add different pillows per season to these chairs at the head of the table. I just removed big beautiful red ones for Christmas and Valentines Day - these neutral ones will get me through until summertime.

I love all of my white dishes in the hutch behind my table....

I am hosting a birthday party for my mother in law next weekend - so from now until then I will have my "entertaining" hat on trying to think of the best touches to make the party really feel special.

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather - things are about get busy on the farm.... It's a new time of the year - a fresh start. As farmers it's always a great feeling. I promise there is nothing quite like Spring on the farm.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Seaside Vacation

You might remember from a couple of years ago my farmer and I visited Seaside, Florida (that post is here Linebach Seaside Vacation ). It was mid August, ridiculously hot and humid - a perfect beach vacation. Sit at the beach all day, drink frozen drinks, swim, barbecue in the back yard, swim some more - quintessential summertime vacation. Even though that was perfect, and we have plans to do it again very soon, I immediately craved Seaside during Christmas. I imagined this beautiful little town dripping in Christmas lights and garland and trees and ornaments. So last summer I booked a house, found flights, and started counting down the days.

I don't travel during the Holidays - I want to spend Christmas morning at our home. We left on the 30th of December so we were sure to spend New Year's Eve there in Seaside.

I don't know about you but I feel like vacations are better with your people. Your friends or your family... and if you are lucky like us - your friends are your family ;) We went with my sister in law Gina and her husband Randy. The four of us always have so much fun together. It's easy, laid back and always a ton of laughs. The amount of inside jokes that the four of us share are ridiculous - and fun!

Take a look at some of our best Seaside memories.

The first day there we headed straight to our favorite place - The Shrimp Shack for a drink and to sit on their pavilion and watch the waves come crashing in.


I got up early most every morning, grabbed a coffee or a ridiculously expensive (but so worth it) juice smoothie and explored the town. All while looking completely like a tourist wearing "Seaside"  apparel (or dressing my husband in it) and a camera around my neck. We love you Seaside.

So good...

I'm framing this print for our home - isn't it perfect...

Or maybe I will frame this one. ;) Love the more muted color... It was a chilly afternoon, you can see it in the grey skies.

Crystal blue waters and sugary white sand.

The most iconic Post Office in America... dripping in beautiful garland and ornaments.

Our sandy path to the beach. 

Early morning coffee on the screened in porch.

Gina and I got up early on Saturday morning - grabbed a juice smoothie and hit the farmers market. Can you think of a more perfect day?

Avocados the size of a cantaloupe - they were amazing. 

Everything was so beautifully displayed in these adorable little vegetable baskets. 

"There is no better sister than a friend and no better friend than a sister."


Seaside is a very nice place, but it's not too ritzy. That is what I love about it. It's so perfectly casual just as you imagine the beach life should be. Everything from the side streets to the main roads are all perfectly paved in bricks but yet everything is still so simple and charming.

Endless landscaping inspiration.    

A boxwood hedge or parterre everywhere you look. Desperately want one in my front yard.


"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow."

When you buy too much while on vacation and you have to pay a fee for your bag being overweight on the flight home. :(

Each street is Seaside has its' own pavilion. Theirs privately to use - this was the one from the street over from us but we still checked them all out.

And this was ours. You can see how close to our house.

The use of your own private bathroom as well as huge Adirondack chairs. We sat up here in the evenings and listened to the waves come in. So pretty. 
Perfect spot to watch the sun come up in the morning.... 
And that time my farmer wanted to pretend to ride waves....

And that time I pretended we were going to the Super Bowl.... ;)

My sweet farmer loves it back home and life on the farm... but he loves this place the same - if not more than I do. And I love that we share that.

Seaside at Christmas....

Bud and Alleys Pizza - we must go there (at least once) during our trips.

Those who wear Patagonia together - stay together...

More images around Seaside. 

Remember Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show" - that was filmed here and this is his house. Kind of blurry.

The Seaside School has a littler garden center for the students. It's so perfect here I almost forget some people actually get to call this home all year round.

The bikes casually on the front porches adorned with baskets....

Rows of beautiful airstream trailers line the front of town. That's where I got my smoothie every morning. 

This Post Office has my heart.

The town square where they have concerts some evenings.

Our House.... Called "Take 5"... We rented from Cottage Rental Agency. 

Isn't it the cutest. I can still hear that screen door slam shut.

Some sandy paths in between houses help you get around and to town faster.


More boxwood love going on.... 






The Seaside Chapel

And Tuesday morning we said good-bye to our little slice of paradise and we headed back home...
Nice to see those Fly Over States.

And really really nice to see this.... Home Sweet Home. We love our little time away from home, it truly allows you to appreciate what you have.... And we are so glad we have this. 


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