Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day.... And Those That We Remember

Peonies are one of my very favorite flowers. Huge, beautiful, fragrant blooms....

Just as I did last year- I, I clipped a bunch of peonies, put them into a little jar, added a small flag and took them to the cemetery to put on the graves of both our grandpas.

 I love how our Church Cemetery has all of the flags flying. It is so beautiful.

They were both tough visits. We get married in two weeks and these two men should be here for that...They should dance embarassingly at our wedding, meet all of the little babies that have since been named after them both, they should see what we have done with the farm and the family business.

 We miss them every single day, but we do this tradition in remembering them every Memorial day.

What traditions do you and your family do to remember those that you love.?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Tulips on the Farm

Last Fall I spent a small fortune on tulip bulbs.... I was literally hiding my Home Depot receipt from my farmer, because really, who spends that kind of money on tulips.

Fast forward about 7 months and our farm was full of beautiful blooms. I planted an assortment of early, mid and late Spring bulbs. That way they last a little longer (about a full month.)

Luckily i snapped these pics one evening before we got a big storm. I couldn't wait to share with you all. Next year at this time we should be in our new farmhouse, so i can already see sidewalks lined with tulips...

I love red and yellow, so very classic.... 

I like tulips around the trees in the Spring, in the summer I
 plant pansies and in the fall its mums and pumpkins. 

I am addicted to these boots, but refuse to do actual work in them. 

The look that my farmer gave me when I told him that they were not for work, they were for "good", was very similar to the look that he gave me when I told him the total amount I had spent on tulip bulbs...Lets just hope he forgot how much these boots cost. (I hope he isn't reading this)... 

I love this tree and the swing in it. Right behind that swing is where 
construction will begin to take place (hopefully soon)... 

Soft yellow and pink tulips are another great color combination. 

Ignore all of the gravel (and dirty knees)... This is taken near our mailbox at the road. 
Another place that gets a festive decor and plants depending on the season,
 i.e pumpkins, mums, American flags and Christmas wreathes, just to name a few.. 

I hope you all have been having a fabulous Spring. It is going by fast. Our wedding is exactly one month from today and my farmer has been busy in the fields (minus the past couple of much needed rain days) so we have lots going on. But i will try to keep everything documented and share with you. 

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