Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 39

Week 39 went by fast. Maybe it's because my farmer in full farm mode with planting and getting back in the fields (which also makes me busier at work).... Lots and lots of caulk happened this week on the inside. AND Check outhouse front porch columns on the outside. 

But here it is.... Week 39

The columns will of coarse be painted white... 

Most any given time when I am outside and my farmer is in the filed I can look around and see him. That's pretty cool perk of this far life. 

Back porch columns.... 

This is one of my favorite views of the house... 

You remember last week I mentioned the 1/2 bath vanity that just wasn't working out. Well - I ended up scratching what I had my cabinet guy on and ordered this one.... It's what I had originally wanted anyways. I got it from Pottery Barn (and I also got 10% off)... It is supposed to be in this next week, I am anxious to see it. 

One big thing thing that I have to decide this next week is stain. My handrail, my island and my farmers desk are all of the items that will be stained and they are all made of maple. I think that we are going to go with the far right one, it's the deepest, richest color.... 

That's it for Week 39... I hope you all have a great week. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 38

Week 38.... It took close to two hours to uploads these pictures for some reason, so I might be brief with description. Plus I am trying to watch the ACM's and it's hard to watch Luke Bryan and type.

Our week 38 Picture. Grey rainy skies that are keeping my farmer out of the field.

We got a few columns last week. They are so pretty - I am very anxious to get the rest up.

We went with a 10 inch slight tapered column. They will get painted a bright white to match the siding. (Check out that view) 

Week 38 also came with gutters. That's close to one of the last things that we have on the outside. Soon we can do our dirt work and get a "yard" established. At least dirt can start to settle so we can pour concrete pads and sidewalks sooner rather than later.

We will have all of our gutters put underground with tile... Luckily I know someone who can do that.

Finished the "trim" around the garage doors as well. It was hard to decide to do much of an elaborate trim around the doors. White house and white trim, nothing really pops as far as trim goes so we have saved a little there.... maybe... 

 Our painters started last week. They have been doing nothing but prep work. Caulking EVERYTHING - which is good. I am really anxious to start seeing colors. Although I have no idea what colors I am doing. Maybe I will do a "Color Post" later in the week. I know I know- you are dying of anticipation.. 

AND.... We got the rest of the cabinets (well almost - still missing a 1/2 bath vanity)... This is the other part of the desk in my farmers office. It's basically just a table with a pencil drawer that I had them make, it's completely move able. It is made of maple and will be stained a dark cherry.

AND.... The Kitchen Island... It too is made of maple and will be stained a dark cherry. We also did counter top templates so I am very anxious for that to come together. 

The end that is open to the eat in area contains this open bookshelf. I currently only have 4 cookbooks so I need to get ALOT more. 

Those legs.... 

The whole kitchen....

My farmhouse sink is in the middle with a dishwasher on the left and an ice maker on the right. 

 I keep forgetting about all of the cool things that happened last week until I keep going through these pictures. How could I forget about his marble tiled bathroom floor. It's stunning.

This little "design" is a basket weave marble and foes right in front of where our bathtub will go. I  can't wait for the bathtub to get set. Who am I kidding - I can't wait to take a bath in here.

It's a white Carrara Marble.

And the laundry room. It is really hard to get a great picture with the window and the floor is SO DIRTY, but it's a beautiful black granite with a dark grout.  

AND we had that old sink refinished. It will go in the laundry room. It's fun hearing stories about this sink. It's from my farmers grandparents house. From cleaning out old apple butter making supplies to grandma Lichte washing her hair and warming up medicine for the animals. I plan to make this sink very proud in my home for the next generation.

That's it for house stuff this week, but this afternoon  my farmer and I did venture out mushroom hunting. We have lots and lots and lots of acres BUT very few with trees. We were unsuccessful but had a great time together tromping through the woods. 

This is me trying to take pictures behind a very fast 4-wheeler... 

I bet someday this little creek and trees will be some cool fort. Similar to the ones my siblings and I would make. 

I don't really like mushrooms... But my farmer does.. So we looked - and we looked.... and we looked. 

And I.... Well I took pictures of pretty wild flower. An looked for mushrooms (through my lens) 

Isn't he the sweetest?

That's all for Week 38...

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse...... Week 37

Week 37..... We got shutters. They made the biggest difference. After we get our porch ceiling painted and our porch columns we will be completely done with the outside. WELL while we wait for some dirt to settle so we can get some more concrete (sidewalk and driveway pad)...

This is an up-close detail of the hardware that we had put on our shutters.

We went with a board and batten shutter. They each have 4 boards except the little top windows I think have three.

This is above the garage

And this is the little window in the top gable.

It makes a difference in the back of the house. In the back we are still waiting on porch columns as well.

With siding complete on the new house they have moved to our old garage that we had old ]siding ripped off and new siding to match our new house put on. We will have shutters on these windows as well.

We had minimal things done on the inside this past week. BUT the cabinet guy did come and finish up a couple of things.

We did get this pantry door. The purpose is to look like a cabinet. It will have actual hardware to look like three drawers on the bottom and a door on the top.

Then it opens up and boom..... the pantry.


In the upstairs bathroom the linen cabinet got put together.

And the bottom part has two pull out bins for hampers.

That's about it for Week 37 as far as house stuff goes.

BUT my farmer and his dad started planting corn last week. And of coarse in true blogger fashion I threw my camera around my neck and headed out to the field to snap a few pictures. WELL I wasn't in the field as much as I was at my in laws house. My mother in law and I were drinking a beer on the back patio watching our men farm. it was a pretty fun Saturday night and I see many more of those in our future.



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