Monday, June 13, 2016

Country Key Lime Pie.... Farmer Approved

It was a ridiculously hot day yesterday.... So after church what else is there to do but bake. Inside, air conditioner, sipping iced tea and baking. It was a good day.

I will admit it - I'm not a big desert eater BUT I love to make them.. A couple of weeks ago I had some people over for Spicy Shrimp Tacos and I was trying to think of the perfect desert to go with it. Something cool and light - and limes go great with Mexican food (and Mexican beers)! So Key Lime Pie it is... After looking through a few recipes and changing a couple of things I came up with Country Key Lime Pie.

It's as easy as deserts come.... Mix, bake and chill....

For the crust combine melted butter, sugar and graham crackers in a pie pan.

Mix together well.

All of the graham crackers should look like this.

Then press firmly in the pie pan.

 Now set aside....

The first time I made this I used Key Limes.....but I couldn't find them yesterday afternoon so regular limes it is. I think Key Limes are a little less tart and a little more sweet, but it isn't necessary to use them...Use what you can find!
Squeeze 3/4 cup of fresh lime juice

The in the mixer add sour cream, lime juice and sweetened condensed milk.

Pour into graham cracker crust.

Bake for 10 minutes in a 350° oven. After ten minutes, turn oven off but keep pie in there for 30 more minutes. Do NOT let it turn brown.

Once it comes out of the oven let it cool at room temperature for a bit then put it in the fridge and chill. I like mine COLD.

While it is chilling take cute pictures of your dog... (ugh - ignore my floors)

Whip up your whipped topping and add to your pie after it's cooled and right before serving.

Top with lime zest.


Country Key Lime Pie:


·         1 ¼ Cup Graham Cracker Crumbs

·         ¼ Cup of Sugar

·         5 Tablespoons of Butter

·         1/ Cup of Sour Cream

·         3/4 Cup Lime Juice

·         Grated Lime Zest for garnish

·         Whipped Cream for garnish


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lemon Berry Farmhouse Sangria

I love to make different kinds of sangria. Most of the time that happens during the fall months. Deep red wine, apples, apple juice, cinnamon sticks, cloves and oranges...Oh my it is delicious. But for summer I like to keep it lighter and crisp - white wine, berries and lemons.

I served this Lemon Berry Farmhouse Sangria at a Memorial Day fish fry/shrimp boil a couple of weeks ago.

It was light and crisp, fruity and sweet (but not too sweet)...It's basically going to be my go-to drink all summer. My sister in laws and I are actually planning a big Wedding Anniversary Party for my in-laws... I am certain this drink will make our menu. 
Lemon Berry Farmhouse Sangria
1 bottle of rose' wine
1/2 can of frozen concentrate lemonade juice
1 whole lemon quartered up
Fresh red berries (I used raspberries but strawberries would taste great too)
Top off with ginger ale to taste.

 Love all of the natural light in my kitchen..... I just chose bad timing for lighting.

Of coarse this just makes one pitcher. When hosting parties it needs to be doubled and then doubled again.. :)

The lemonade concentrate adds a great tartness to the rose' wine.


It's such a beautiful pink peachy color....

And I enjoyed a glass one afternoon...ahem..... evening..

Whether you are hosting a big summer party of just a simple BBQ add this sangria to your menu - it's perfect for summertime.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Farmhouse Summer Decor

I am not one to completely change my decor for a holiday or season...well except Christmas (and that is borderline too over the top). I keep things fairly simple mainly switching out a couple of pillows here and there....For summertime I keep everything a little patriotic.

Here in my kitchen I have added a fern to my kitchen table and stuck little American flags in it.

These pillows and the table runner were a wedding present from Pottery Barn. I still love them so much. It keeps everything very simple but adds a touch of summertime to the kitchen.

On my back porch i had Nantucket Blue Hydrangeas to some large urn style pots that I have. I was nervous about them not lasting or doing very good.... but they are beautiful AND thriving in the pot. My plan is to transplant them to the ground next fall and then add mums.

And i stuck a little flag in both of those pots too.

A peak at our landscaping waiting to be done.... I got the hydrangeas in the ground, but I am having my little boxwood hedge planted professionally.... And this lne of boxwoods goes right on front of my kitchen windows. I can not wait until it's all done.

I got this basket at Nell Hill's last fall. These are silk red geraniums and I have added a couple more flags.

I know it's a lot of flags everywhere but I promise it doesn't look tacky. :)

Front porch seating... Two white adirondack chairs and a red geranium in between on a little table.

What's more American than flags and a Golden Retriever.  

AHHH... It's perfection.

That blue ceiling.... It never gets old.

My sweet girl, Molly

Between the garage doors I have one large pot with a planted boxwood and it's full of red petunias... Soon they will spill over the edge and fall down the front of the planter.

My favorite shot...  

Happy Summer everyone! My farmer is still working on trying to get some beans in the ground so that's our main focus... I hope you all have a fun summer. I will be back tomorrow with summer sangria....YUM
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