Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lemon Berry Farmhouse Sangria

I love to make different kinds of sangria. Most of the time that happens during the fall months. Deep red wine, apples, apple juice, cinnamon sticks, cloves and oranges...Oh my it is delicious. But for summer I like to keep it lighter and crisp - white wine, berries and lemons.

I served this Lemon Berry Farmhouse Sangria at a Memorial Day fish fry/shrimp boil a couple of weeks ago.

It was light and crisp, fruity and sweet (but not too sweet)...It's basically going to be my go-to drink all summer. My sister in laws and I are actually planning a big Wedding Anniversary Party for my in-laws... I am certain this drink will make our menu. 
Lemon Berry Farmhouse Sangria
1 bottle of rose' wine
1/2 can of frozen concentrate lemonade juice
1 whole lemon quartered up
Fresh red berries (I used raspberries but strawberries would taste great too)
Top off with ginger ale to taste.

 Love all of the natural light in my kitchen..... I just chose bad timing for lighting.

Of coarse this just makes one pitcher. When hosting parties it needs to be doubled and then doubled again.. :)

The lemonade concentrate adds a great tartness to the rose' wine.


It's such a beautiful pink peachy color....

And I enjoyed a glass one afternoon...ahem..... evening..

Whether you are hosting a big summer party of just a simple BBQ add this sangria to your menu - it's perfect for summertime.

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