Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 18

I am trying to write this post a little bit early... Usually blogging about the house is a Sunday evening thing - but this Sunday evening we have Chiefs football... A very big deal in our house.

And a little special treat for my farmer - homemade Pizza. I won't even try to pile on chicken and vegetables - this pizza will be strictly pepperoni and lots of cheese. (insert stomach growling)

Back to the house... Week 18 picture.. This past week we got the rafters for our roof - I love the steep roof line, although I joked today that our lumber bills alone will be my Christmas presents for the 30 years at least. When I uttered those words to my farmer he just looked at me and said "and for your birthday too".... :) Kidding aside - it's a pretty good Christmas/birthday gift.

The back of the house...

They finished all of the rafters for the roof and this next week they will finish getting the house ready for the shingles (and tin) - that's right... contrary to what I posted last week it appears that it will work to have some on the house.  Still unsure exactly where - but the front porch and the back porch are most defiantly going to have shiny black tin.

Well that's all for now - framing is almost over... I can't wait to get windows, my front door, and back door.... I hear that I am starting to get to the fun part.

(Minus when my basement was full of water - it's all been fun)...

Have a good week everyone... GO CHIEFS!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 17

I am a couple of days behind... I usually like to blog on Sunday afternoons - but that didn't happen this week. The second floor is all framed up and now they are working on the roof.

Take a look at Week 17...

Below is the floor plan for our upstairs. We do have a vaulted area in the foyer right when you walk in the door and in the hallway - in order to get a complete open staircase we also has to vault our hallway. It's something that I was hesitant about at first but now love it so much. 

This is the first front bedroom. I love how there is a little window build out section.

"Budget permitting"  I would love to add a couple of little book cases and a window seat, kind of like the picture below. Wouldn't it just make the sweetest little girls room. (Someday)

This is the back bedroom...

And... straight North from the back bedroom window you can see my in law's house...

Here is the playroom. In the original plan it was much smaller, I am so glad that we made it bigger. Without any kids it's really hard to visualize how we will use this space and what we will need. I am a HUGE fan of built in's but that pesky budget doesn't allow for it everywhere.

I don't have a photo because it was just too hard to tell what it was, but we have a Jack and Jill style Bathroom. If you will look on the floor plan each room has their own sink area, and there are little pocket doors that go into a shared bath tub and toilet area.

Windows will be in within a week or so and our front door too. I am really anxious to get this house out from the weather. My farmer and I need to pick out our roof. What I always wanted to do was black shingles on the main part of the house and black tin on the porch roofs (front and back) and the little roof area by our garage windows.

 Something similar to this... Ahh look at how beautiful

Oh hello beautiful farmhouse house.... You see how there is just tin on the porch - it's just such a timeless look and reminds me of something so old fashioned.

I don't think that this look can happen with our particular plan- Our porch roof flows into the rest of the roof on one side of the house. SO...No tin roof on this farmhouse... Our siding will be white and our shutters will be black, so I am sure that we will end up doing a charcoal roof. Hopefully keeping it simple and classic.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone....

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 16

My farmer just asked me... and I quote...  "If we had an unlimited budget - what kind of house would you have built"... After pausing for a second and thinking why he asked such serious questions during the chiefs game (we won-Go Cheifs) I smiled and simply said "The one we are building now"...

It might sound cheesy and my farmer may have given me a smile that suggested he didn't believe me - but it's true.

My dream farmhouse is going up a few hundred feet away.. Sure we have made cuts and will continue to make even more, but it's still everything I want..

 Take a look at Week 16. It was a frigid cold one but still lots of progress.

Week 16 picture... I have to keep moving down the hill to get the whole house in the photo. The house still looks so much bigger to me than what it really is. I am not saying that it's small - but the width of the house along with the front porch just really makes it look so much larger.

My frigid cold farmer checking out his garage (wishing our cars were already parked in there...)

This is the loft area/future kiddos playroom. I assume one day those floors will be full of John Deere tractors and baby dolls.

The upstairs features the loft area (above), two bedrooms and a Jack and Jill style bathroom in between. 

We will start on Week 17 this next week and hopefully, if we have good weather, we will be finished up in a couple of weeks.

I'm assuming soon I will start working with our cabinet guy, so this week I have been doing detailed planning's on my kitchen and laundry room. When the time gets closer I will do a post on just cabinets. I have gone so far as to knowing where I want to put my measuring cups, but still have no idea what I want the face of the cabinet to be... Small steps I guess.

Have a great week everyone. I do have one non house related post planned this week. It's time to force some indoor bulbs for next Spring.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse ... Week 15

The Weeks are flying by.... Thanksgiving in 2.5 weeks away - it seems as if I just got married  but it's really been almost 5 months. It also seems like we just started digging our basement for our new house. AND here we are 15 weeks in.

It's been a good 15 weeks - it's certainly been fun. People ask all of the time when our projected move in date is... We have no idea. For now we are having fun with the building process and living just a hundred feet away form the action we get to see it first hand every single day.

I mean sure I am ready for a bigger kitchen (if I shove one more thing into my lower kitchen cabinets it's all going to come spilling out)... But there is something very cozy about our current home, and we have a lot of great memories there. SO I will spend then next several months living a more simple life with my farmer... All too soon that will change.

Take a look at all of the Week 15 progress... I seriously drive too fast getting home from work everyday just to see what has happened.

This is the Week 15 photo...

I could not be happier with the way that this turned out. These pictures do this no justice... The attention to detail is amazing.... AND so appreciated...

So glad that we went with a little window at the top of the gable on the garage...


AHH the front porch... (my favorite part of the whole house)

This is the second floor.... Soon we will have rooms up there...

Hope everyone had a great fall... from the looks of the forecast it's going to be Winter very quickly.. Have a good week everyone...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Farmer's Harvest 2014

Harvest is ALMOST over... With record breaking yields, the occasional breakdown (too many to mention) and the limited storage space - it's been a long one.

Harvest comes with a lot of really great things - unlimited combine rides, standing out in the yard and being able to hear a combine at all hours- after all, my husbands office is in the backyard. BUT with that being said, I am excited to be eating dinner earlier than 9:30 p.m., it will be nice to go out on dates, you know other than just when it rains. But that's all part of being a farmers wife...

Just kidding...  ^ ^ ^

We are feeling very blessed to even be able to do what we both love. But with that being said, I am always so quick to praise those before us. Those that sacrificed so much for us to be able to live this great life. But to me - that person is my farmer. Sure there are times in his life where he could have done something different. Something with more security, something that your paycheck doesn't depend on the weather or the grain market or current events. Something more 8-5 Monday through Friday....  But that's not my farmer. He was born and raised to farm this land - and there is not anyone or anything that would ever change that or take that away...
He doesn't call it a job - he doesn't call it working....


Seeing my farmer work side by side with his father everyday is one of the greatest things I have been able to witness... And since I work side by side with my father everyday as well - it makes it extra special...


 I am feeling like a proud wife right now, but I want to give my farmer a well deserved shout out for our great life and all of the hard work he does for us. So to my farmer who is reading this... if I don't say it enough - thank you....

Take a look at my favorite pictures from the Harvest of 2014. 


I was starting to sort of feel like the paparazzi in the combine cab as I photographed the two of them.




I have a very unusual obsession with black and white photos. If I had my choice every single last one would be black and white.



I hope everyone around had a safe and bountiful harvest.

As much as we both love this time of the year we are glad to see it end..  Fields are clean and empty and we start all over again next year.

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