Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 18

I am trying to write this post a little bit early... Usually blogging about the house is a Sunday evening thing - but this Sunday evening we have Chiefs football... A very big deal in our house.

And a little special treat for my farmer - homemade Pizza. I won't even try to pile on chicken and vegetables - this pizza will be strictly pepperoni and lots of cheese. (insert stomach growling)

Back to the house... Week 18 picture.. This past week we got the rafters for our roof - I love the steep roof line, although I joked today that our lumber bills alone will be my Christmas presents for the 30 years at least. When I uttered those words to my farmer he just looked at me and said "and for your birthday too".... :) Kidding aside - it's a pretty good Christmas/birthday gift.

The back of the house...

They finished all of the rafters for the roof and this next week they will finish getting the house ready for the shingles (and tin) - that's right... contrary to what I posted last week it appears that it will work to have some on the house.  Still unsure exactly where - but the front porch and the back porch are most defiantly going to have shiny black tin.

Well that's all for now - framing is almost over... I can't wait to get windows, my front door, and back door.... I hear that I am starting to get to the fun part.

(Minus when my basement was full of water - it's all been fun)...

Have a good week everyone... GO CHIEFS!

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