Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 19

Week 19.... the roof is almost completely on. And I think that the roofers will start putting on shingles  this week as well. And maybe windows and a front door this week too. I guess we will just wait and see.

We got the roof on our front porch

It makes it look so much different and I can really start to get a "feel" for what I want on my front porch (swings and rockers)...

We will add a breadboard to the ceiling of the front porch and the back porch. Like any old Southern style home we will also paint it a pale blue like in these photos. 

I leave town for one day (to Warsaw to my Aunt's cabin) and come home to find that we have heated floors on the back porch..... As silly as it may sound (and as mad as I was) because of the size the price was minimal AND someday if we decide to make it into a sun room OR screened in porch - we will be happy that we did... At least that was my farmers pitch. 

That's all for Week 19... I keep hearing that the fun part if just around the corner - and while it's all been fun I am ready to start making this house our farmhouse...

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