Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse........ Week 22

Hi everyone,

My farmer and I have spent the day recovering from the Holiday week... As I mentioned last week we didn't get out any Christmas decorations, but I have been going through it all today really good and getting everything organized for the new house. I'm also slowly starting to box things uo for the big move 100 feet away.

Of course we also spent a good chunk of our afternoon watching the Chiefs game. While we needed a Chiefs W, and two other teams to lose, those odds were about as good as my farmer letting me order that rug from Pottery Barn for our back entry way. Neither one of them happened- maybe next year for us both, Kansas City.

This is our Week 22 picture. Another good day or two and shingles will all be on. You will notice I don't have tin on my front porch. With such a higher price than just our shingles, we decided to nix the tin. Building a home there are so many thing (costs) that are out of our control (lumber and concrete to name a couple) so we need to be as conscious as we can about the costs that we can control. (Like that Pottery Barn rug - give me credit for trying).... :)

We did meet with our cabinet guy again this past week so our floors have bright orange paint where we will have cabinets. This is part of our kitchen. Our kitchen island below...

more of our kitchen

My farmer's Office

Back entryway bench/lockers

laundry room/my office

master bath built in vanities (the tub goes in the middle)

Speaking of the bathtub - I got that ordered this pas week. With the okay from my builder and plumber I actually ordered by bathtub online from 

A couple of other things that I purchased for the house this past week. 

I ordered two of these for the upstairs bathroom. It's a horrible blurry picture but I couldn't get a better one downloaded off the Internet. The finish is chrome (as it will be in all of my bathrooms and kitchen)...

Not sure if I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago when we actually purchased this, but we got a double oven from Home Depot. We have a single oven under our stove and a double wall oven - I have promised my farmer that I will do a lot of baking.

It looks tiny in this picture but it's actually a pretty decent sized light. This will be on the ceiling at our back entryway from the garage. I love the finish of the fixture, it's a darker copper color. 

And last but not least, this is our exterior garage door. We went with no glass since our garage doors have so much detail and this door is right next to them - we wanted to keep it a little more simple. I love this door and this will also end up being all of our interior doors as well. 

Well I think that's all for now. Our families had such a wonderful Christmas and I have just uploaded all of our Christmas Pictures and will upload them all to the blog in a couple of days. 

Another choppy week of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, so I hope that you all have a safe and Happy Holiday Season. 

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  1. This farm is a dream come true for me (and my family) ! I love seeing this brand new farmhouse being built from the ground up! The details of each aspect of the new house are so thoughtful and gives me a lot to think about as I embark on my own journey into building my own working home for my family.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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