Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 16

My farmer just asked me... and I quote...  "If we had an unlimited budget - what kind of house would you have built"... After pausing for a second and thinking why he asked such serious questions during the chiefs game (we won-Go Cheifs) I smiled and simply said "The one we are building now"...

It might sound cheesy and my farmer may have given me a smile that suggested he didn't believe me - but it's true.

My dream farmhouse is going up a few hundred feet away.. Sure we have made cuts and will continue to make even more, but it's still everything I want..

 Take a look at Week 16. It was a frigid cold one but still lots of progress.

Week 16 picture... I have to keep moving down the hill to get the whole house in the photo. The house still looks so much bigger to me than what it really is. I am not saying that it's small - but the width of the house along with the front porch just really makes it look so much larger.

My frigid cold farmer checking out his garage (wishing our cars were already parked in there...)

This is the loft area/future kiddos playroom. I assume one day those floors will be full of John Deere tractors and baby dolls.

The upstairs features the loft area (above), two bedrooms and a Jack and Jill style bathroom in between. 

We will start on Week 17 this next week and hopefully, if we have good weather, we will be finished up in a couple of weeks.

I'm assuming soon I will start working with our cabinet guy, so this week I have been doing detailed planning's on my kitchen and laundry room. When the time gets closer I will do a post on just cabinets. I have gone so far as to knowing where I want to put my measuring cups, but still have no idea what I want the face of the cabinet to be... Small steps I guess.

Have a great week everyone. I do have one non house related post planned this week. It's time to force some indoor bulbs for next Spring.

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