Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse...... Week 14

Just as the past few weeks have been going, a ton of progress was done is Week 14... The whole first floor is all framed up - we got concrete floors in the garage and on the front porch.

I  have found the perfect spot for a porch swing and wooden rockers on my front porch... 

This is my week by week photo... I had to change my spot that I stood at while taking the picture - I couldn't get the whole house in it.

On this inside of the house they finished putting up beams and started working on the flooring for the upstairs.

Our view from the second floor.

The stairs

The hallway (I can picture it full of family photos in big black frames)

The basement stairs entrance from the inside of the house. 

We also have a basement entrance in our garage (since our basement is not a walkout)...

Just a peak out the garage window... (GO CHIEFS)

Steal beam in the garage...

We have two 9' tall and 10' wide garage doors. 

We haven't started picking out garage doors yet, but this is the barn style (budget willing) we will choose - or something close to it...

In the words of Florida Georgia Line.... And my farmers current favorite song 

"Makes you wanna build a ten percent down, white picket fence house on this dirt. 

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