Thursday, October 30, 2014

Farmhouse Details


We are in the middle of Week 14... the walls and interior stuff going up so fast I am really starting to make some actual house decisions. Sure I have had this house built in my head for at least a year (or 30), but when it comes down to what you actually end up buying for your home that will look good, be of good quality and most importantly, staying in budget - it is quite different than folding down a page of a magazine, pinning on Pinterest or adding to an online idea book (Houzz)..

Here is a look at what my farmer and I have already picked out for our home - and some things I plan to purchase very soon.


These are the sconces (there will be two) that will go in the Laundry Room. My Laundry sink will be in front of my window and one of these will be on each side of that window... I found these at Home Depot.

I will have white cabinets (have not picked out or even started with any of that) but I do know that they will be white and the hardware will be oil rubbed bronze in the laundry room.
I received these as a wedding present (Pottery Barn) and think that they will look so cute in my laundry room. They also have pig knobs that I plan on purchasing as well for the doors that don't require a pull.

My laundry room flooring will be a brick floor. At first I was looking at tile floor that looked like brick. But it was all just that - tile floor... I am still working with my tile guy to make sure that this company, and what I have picked out is the stuff that I am wanting, but I think that we are on the right page.
I don't care for the really glossy brick floor look, but not the rough brick (for cleaning purposes) either... Hopefully  I can find something to put over the top of them that will still look natural but be durable and not super tough as well.
I will have it laid in the herringbone pattern, and use white grout just like below. There are SO MANY color combinations and while I think that they are all really beautiful, this one, Charleston, was my favorite.

Half Bath

We have a little half bath in the back of the house off the Laundry Room and Garage Entrance. Just enough room for a toilet and sink.

While we have not made the purchase yet (need to make sure the sizing is correct) we are going to probably end up with this beauty from Lowes. I did research for endless hours trying to find a white vanity, marble top, but not completely breaking the bank for a 1/2 bath. I think this one does the trick.

The flooring in there will be the same hardwood floors that we will have throughout the rest of the main level (and upstairs if I have my way - I am sure I will do a post about the great hardwood floor debate)
I have always loved wallpaper. When I was a kid going to the wallpaper store with my mom was one of the funnest things to do (weird I know)... While I know that most of you consider wallpaper a little out of date, I think it's perfect for a little bathroom. I have yet to finalize my decisions (I have 6 months to decide :) but this is what I am probably going to end up choosing. It's a very light grey and white (even lighter than it looks here) ... It beat out a beautiful red raspberry print in hopes of going for the crisp clean look.
Half way up the wall I hope to have a white wide plank bead board installed... Something like in this photo but maybe not up as high.


I will admit that the pretty much one and only reason I wanted a 2 story home was for this exact reason. A  big open staircase!

We (not me, my builder- he is the one with the great ideas)  changed some things and found a way so that my staircase is open all the way to the top. The foyer when you walk in is vaulted so you see just one strip of railing, then my hallway downstairs is vaulted (which in location to this photo is right to the left of the stairs) so when you stand there you can see all the way upstairs.

After we got that finalized I started picking out a banister style. I am still finalizing it, but this photo above is the style that I am going for.


They are just starting to work on the decking for the second floor, and we haven't even 100% finalized the floor plan (I want a small craft room somewhere) but my farmer and I agree on one thing. We will have to make cuts on the second floor - which just consists of two future kiddos bedrooms, one bathroom Jack and Jill style bath and a fairly good sized loft area/bonus room and hopefully a little craft nook of some sort.

Although I have nothing really picked out, I did purchase two of these white ceiling fans for the bedrooms. They were on sale at one point at Home Depot and then that was one thing I marked off my list.


I had this dream of a double front door-just like this one below, but two of them. After getting a couple of quotes that dream quickly came to an end. Staying on budget is NOT ALWAYS possible, but spending 3x your budget on a front door was silly. SO we settled on this door (without the sidelights - they just take away from a good door).. But instead of the standard size, we did have them make us a 42" one. That way we will never have any issues moving in furniture, etc...

I really contemplated on not having as much glass in the door (for privacy reasons) but in hopes to bring in more natural light (not the beer) since I took away those west wall windows.


The kitchen is really a blank canvas to me. We of coarse have MOST of our appliances already picked out and purchased  but a main part of your kitchen is your cabinets. I have not even started on that yet. I am sure it will be just right around the corner, but its such a process, I can't even imagine where to begin.

SO right now I am trying to get other kitchen details in order. Lights and hardware.

These lights in the photo below are from Restoration Hardware. Rest assured that mine are not... To my farmer that it reading this if you look and see the price, ours were no where near that much. I got ours at Home Depot, they did not have then online anymore, so these are the only ones that I could find in comparison to ours. They are not quite as big, but very close. They will not go above our table, they will go above our island. Very industrial looking and it's not something I thought I would go for but I love them.

My kitchen hardware will be chrome. Everything from my light to my sink faucet to my hardware... My cabinets will be white, and so will my countertop .

This is the only cabinet hardware that I have purchased (like my laundry room, but chrome and a cow not a pig)..It wont be my main cabinet know but I think that it will look great on my island. They were actually a wedding present from Pottery Barn.

I also love this drawer pull (Pottery Barn) and how wide and thin it is. Just something different than the half moon shaped pull that I love so much too. I cant get too carried away on hardware until I know more about my cabinets though.


 I purchased two wing back chairs from First Friday's in Kansas City a couple of months ago, and I purchased some fabric last weekend from Nell Hills and I am going to have them re upholstered.

Black and Cream Buffalo Check is the fabric I ended up going with.  Hopefully something similar to this look.

And they will be used as the head of the table in our eat-in area off our kitchen. Something similar to this, but with just two chairs. 

 I am getting ready to pull the trigger on my kitchen lighting above my table. I just don't know which one to do. Help me out - give me some opinions...
I already have this light from Pottery Barn, and I was thinking about buying another and having two above my table like in the photo.

OR... I have a feeling that this beautiful cream colored shade will go with my wing back chairs.. Is it too much.

That's really all that I have either purchased so far or have in mind.  At first it was really hard for me to start buying things when I wanted to make sure it was exactly what I wanted, but it feels really nice to have a lot of this stuff done, so when the time comes I can concentrate on bigger things. It's also nice to buy things little by little -like light fixtures. If you go buy them for your whole house at once you are going to spend a pretty penny. But if you purchase them little by little it's not near as bad and it's something that you can pay out of pocket. One less bill that you take to the bank and have them pay is less money that you have to come up with in the end. It's no where near expert advise, but it's just what has been working for us so far.
It is still feeling like early fall here with higher temps, but I think the cold is coming sooner rather than later.
My farmer still has over 500 acres of beans left to harvest, but hopefully that will be over soon too. It will be nice to eat dinner earlier than 9:00 p.m. again..  
Have a safe and Happy Halloween... October - where did you go?


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