Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 11

Mother nature..... Rain..... Lots of it.. 

I am doing my very best at staying patient with all of the rain and construction delays that we have been having, but this is week 11 and we don't even have walls. 

Then I remind myself that mother nature.... and rain.... are also the reasons why we also have a record breaking crop (that in turn pays for this house)... SO. I am going to be thankful for everything that I have instead of bummed of the things that I don't have (walls)... 

Well, it wasn't rainy all week, so we do still have quite a bit of progress... Here is my Week 11 view. 

Remember our entire front porch is a storm shelter/storage in the basement. We got the metal put over the top, then there will be concrete poured over that. I always knew that the front porch was going to be big, but now that i can actually envision it a little bit more. (I've even started to find the perfect spot for a porch swing)... You can not have a farmhouse with a huge front porch and no swing...

We got all of our main floor decking on and even a space for the stairs going to the basement cut out. We will not have an open basement staircase to the basement since our basement is not finished, although we will have one huge open staircase going to the 2nd story. 

We have chalk lines throughout the whole floor marking off our floor plan and I can't help but think that means walls are just right around the corner. 

A big 3 car garage is really all that my farmer wanted in a new house. And our plan included a 3 car garage but due to the pesky budget we had to drop it to a 2 car BUT we made it a lot bigger. Today we decided to pull our cars in our garage and check out our space. It's the perfect size... Farmer approved.

Well, that's all that I have on Week 11. My farmer and I are headed to dinner with my brother and sister in law. I spent the weekend in Warsaw at my aunt's cabin and I must admit, I could have spent one more day there. It is just so beautiful - and as always I took a TON of pictures..

Have a great week everyone. It will be a busy one around here, hopefully that means getting back in the fields and getting ready for our annual hayride this next weekend. 

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