Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 12

We have walls.... Big, beautiful, perfect, sturdy walls... I could not be more happy about the progress. We finally got some decent weather (it was beautiful all week) and it really shows.

This is the photo from my spot... Look at that blue sky - it really is a beautiful fall day. But yes I am spending it inside watching the chiefs game...

The West wall. Originally it had two windows (one on both side of the fireplace) but i scratched them for built -ins...

It was a tough decision, the unwritten rule of building a house I feel is to never scratch a window... BUT after lots of Pinterest and Houzz ideas AND getting the okay from my ladies (my mom and mother in law) I felt much better about making that decision.

This back section is our back porch. and that whole open space will be a french door and two windows (all that have transoms)... It should let in plenty of natural light.

Eat in area windows are to the right and master bedroom windows to the left. I want to put black shutters on the outside of my windows, so here I like that there is plenty of space on the outside to do so.

The backyard view. My Aunt is a landscaper designer, I need to start getting her stuff so that next spring I am ready to go with landscaping. If my farmer is reading this, I am just joking...  :)

The window opening to the far left is my bathroom. It sticks out a little bit so that I have an extra large ledge because it sits right in front of my bathtub. Then I can actually put things on that ledge sort of like a shelf. That's something that my builder came up with. I didn't even think of it and I am so glad that he did. He's been great at thinking of all of the things that I don't think of. Things that may seem to little to me he thinks of and asks about....

I was home from work on Friday getting ready for our Annual Hayride and Bonfire, so I was around peaking out the window every chance I could to watch all of this happen. 

We also got some dirt work done for our ground source heat pump.... I didn't photograph that because it's basically just bigger piles of dirt and lets face it, when you have all of these big, beautiful, perfect, sturdy walls you are done taking pictures of dirt. 

I hope that you all have had a great weekend.... Looks like we have another great week of weather ahead of us.. Happy Fall!

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