Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse...... Week 36

Week 36 - about 4 days late. It's been a busy busy week. AND Some of these pictures are "technically" from week 37 but it's all stuff I couldn't wait to share with you.

Siding on the house is all complete. They are finishing wrapping some of the exterior wood and hopefully soon I will have front porch columns. I'm really excited for the difference that it makes.

And shutters will hopefully be on soon too.

Even getting a little pair of shutters for that tiny window up there.

The trim carpenter is DONE. That whole process was maybe the most fun and transforming, but I think I say that when everything is finished. The complete attention to detail is amazing. Way back when I was going to cut on some trim for budget reasons. I am SO glad that I didn't because trim can really make or break a room much less a whole home.

Trim goes so beyond baseboards and doorway trim. It's staircases, closets, pantries. I had no idea all of the decisions I would have to make when I set out on the trim part of building a home. I thought I was ready, I thought I was prepared and I was overwhelmed. BUT with a great builder there to guide you every step and make sure you are getting what you want all of the contractors doing the same it makes most of it a lot less stressful and overwhelming. I'm jumping off track a little bit I know, but the importance of a good person building a home that you hope will be around in 100+ years goes beyond any small town politics that you will come across. Unfortunately that is something that my farmer and I have encountered in the past week - but life goes on and IF ANYTHING - it just reiterates to us that we made the right decision.

I am not going to spend any more time talking about anything other than all of the lovely things that are going on at the house.... Back to trim work. 

This view from the back of the house, that staircase... it's pretty perfect.

All of the balusters will be painted white (Benjamin Moore White Dove) as well as the risers, but the handrail and the treads are made of maple and will be strained a dark cherry (ish)....

The view from the front of the house.... 
I know I shared this last week but it's my new favorite part of the house.... It's really even more gorgeous in person. 
I also had this paneling done in the 1/2 bath that is in the back hallway. It will be painted white and the top will be wallpapered white and light grey toile. I am excited for this little room. 
Closets and pantries all have shelves and great hanging set ups. The photos are very grainy. 
I had a custom 1/2 glass door ordered for my farmers office. It's too hard to see what it says with the plastic wrap still covering it but it says "Lichte Family Farms" and below it is a beautiful barn and silo scene.
The kitchen really is the center of most homes. The places where everyone gathers around, so it was important for me to think about most everything when designing them. I know I mentioned them in an earlier post, but Prestige Cabinets out of Centerview did all of our cabinets. We have really had a great experience, so if anyone is remodeling I would definitely recommend them.
This is one wall. Starting at the far left is the hutch and those doors will be glass. Its open shelving above and the lower part has two big drawers. The top one will hopefully house our everyday dishes. The middle part is where the stove goes. It's a slide in range and will have an oven below it. The leg details on either side of the stove is so pretty. SUCH an inexpensive add to really dress up your cabinets. To the right of that is for the refrigerator and on the end is the pantry. We don't have the door yet, but it is being made to look like cabinets. I believe the bottom will look like three drawers and the top will look like a cabinet but it opens to a door. I'm excited to see that come together and get installed - hopefully soon...


The other wall of the kitchen (which is to the right of the cabinets we just went over - with a doorway in between)... Starting at the left we have a base cabinet, in the middle is my "appliance garage". We are missing the doors but they do slide in after they are opened and the whole cabinet will sit on the countertop. It will house a microwave, coffee pot, toaster, blender, etc.... All of those things that you use everyday but without anything have to sit out on the counter because with such a huge island we actually have very little counter space - which is fine by me. O also have the cabinet "legs" on this piece as well as "feet" at the very bottom of all of my cabinets.  ....Then on the very end is a double wall oven. Yes, you counted that right - I have three ovens. I like to bake. A lot. So to my farmer who is reading this, I promise to not buy a lot of new shoes and I promise to do a lot of baking. Such a small sacrifice for such a beautiful home.

* I will also point out that we are waiting on crown molding for the top of the cabinets... *

Week 36 was also all about tile... Our upstairs bathroom got tiled. it's a poor poor photo because of the light and it makes these tiles look creamy when in reality they are bright white with bright white grout. It's a glazed ceramic tile that we found at Home Depot for very inexpensive. I knew that we wanted to spend a majority of the tile budget in the main floor of the house so we did cut on the "kids" bathroom since I assume for the first several years it will just be piled with rubber duckies, baby powder and water splashes.


This is he upstairs bathtub/shower which will be tiled a white subway tile.



This is the master shower. We have two little niches that will have the same pattern as the floor (marble basket weave).





WOW - that ended up being a long post. I am four days late in writing this so I was going to breeze through it but after seeing the pictures again I got a little inspired to share more.

Week 36 also came with some exciting personal news. My brother and sister in law welcomed their 4th child. A sweet, beautiful baby boy named Hudson William. I have lots of Easter pictures and several of that sweet new baby that I plan to post this weekend.

                                    LAURA INGALLS WILDER quote home quote by PoetryBoutique on Etsy, $7.00

Have a great rest of your week everyone.

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