Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse..... Week 35

Seriously... Look at that big, blue, beautiful sky..... Week 35 was full of so many exciting things. I see it all come together a little more everyday. Lots of trim - lots of siding.

I can't wait to see the black shutters on the windows. Everything is all white and I really think the shutters are going to make a big difference.

The headers of the trim are on - it really does just make the doorways and windows stand out.

This banister and this staircase is the ONE reason we built a 2 story home. It sounds silly to say it and even more silly to type it out - but it's true...

Check out that volute -  I have one on the left and one on the right side. They will be stained a dark cherry color.

They have also started working on the library panel wainscoting that will go up the stairs.

The kitchen doorway has a transom glass in the top.

In the master bathroom shower - we will have it all tiled. The square inserts along with the shower floor will be a marble basket weave.

Isn't this a beautiful piece of stone...

 In addition to the shower floor and square inserts, I plan to do a design on the middle of the floor like the one.

AND.... Maybe my favorite view of the whole house. Coming through the garage door to the back "mudroom" of the house you see this - the long hall into the living room and parts of that staircase. I see our whole life in the hallway. Different stages - babies running around in a diaper, older kids running out of the door running late, kids coming home for college but leaving all to quickly... I see stuff like that in most every room of this house.

Lots of people build homes every single day, but with this home and these rooms I have envisioned Christmas Mornings, Easter Egg Hunts, Saturday Morning Pancakes, The best of times and the hardest of times will all happen within these walls. They'll be good and they will be beautiful.


So whether you are building a new home or not - I sure hope you see great things in your hallways too.

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