Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 34

Week 34... CABINETS and TRIM....

Almost half of our cabinets got installed last week. To say that it was fun is a complete understatement. Cabinets are a big deal, I have put ALOT of thought into each and every piece. So to see it come together like this is rewarding.

This is the back mudroom. That door to the right of the built in lockers goes to the garage. These lockers will be painted white and have antique brass pulls and hooks. Baskets will go in the very top cubby and possibly the very bottom one on the floor too.

The Laundry Room....

I have double sconces that will go on each side of the window. An old sink from my farmers grandparents house will be directly under the window. Hopefully the big drawers to the right will house some table linens.

And the is my little desk that is in the laundry room. Let's face it - most of the time it will have folded laundry on top of it, but there is a piece to the far left that pulls all the way out and I will be able to sew/craft. It will be painted white but the top will be stained.

The washing machine will go to the left, there is laundry basket storage in the middle and the dryer will go to the right. The middle section above is open shelving. I am picturing little jars of clothespins, but in reality I am sure it will be a catch all for change, lent, etc.... I can have high hopes though - right...

The Living Room... I think I was the most worried about how this piece would turn out. I knew what I wanted, but had a very hard time really describing it. Well - when I walked in and saw this piece. I may have cried (happy tears).. There will be adjustable shelves in all four of the sections and it too will be painted white. At one point I was worried about he arch in the top, I was debating weather it would be a timeless piece or if it would date pretty quickly. After seeing it - I love the softness that it gives this room.

My farmers office.... It's not quite put together yet, so you will have to tune in to Week 35 for more of that.

And.. One of my favorite things on this whole house - the built in bookcases and bench in the upstairs front bedroom. I told my farmer that I am going to go ahead and paint this room pink because a little girl needs to live in this room. Isn't it the sweetest? These will be painted white and I will have glass pills and knobs.

The upstairs Jack/Jill bathroom vanities. They, too will be painted white. 

And in that bathroom we have a built in floor to ceiling linen closet. The bottom will be pull out hampers.

hamper drawers - 

That's it for cabinets as of now.. My farmers office should be put together this next week and hopefully the kitchen and 1/2 bath will come later on this week. I can't wait to see the rest. 

My tile guy put in concrete flooring for the parts of the house that will have tile (the laundry room, master bath and upstairs bath.)

Our trim also got started last week. So far its just the baseboards and trim around the doors. It will all be painted white. It's a fairly traditional style trim. Very similar to what is in my parents home (which is over 100 years old)... 

It will end up looking something like this... 

For the outside, in addition to putting on some more siding we also got our porch ceilings primed.

Remember they will be painted a pale blue like in this photo...

We are 34 weeks into building this home - and maybe 10 weeks left to go.... It's been such a roller coaster of feelings and emotions so far. Lots of fun, exciting times, quickly followed by stressful times. Money, time, more money and more time, seems like all its been.

I had a little moment Saturday morning early. Coffee in hand I grabbed my mud boots (hello spring on the farm) and headed for the new house. And there I was - walking around, looking at cabinets and trim and wood floors, drinking coffee in my house. A house that in a few short weeks (or 10) I will be  in. So while I have had many moments where I have been very stressed, angry, impatient, bummed (you name it I have felt it in this journey) and let's be honest, I am sure to still feel some of these things again in the next 10 weeks. But I took a moment and remembered what this felt like. Just me and my farmer, and for a little bit longer a much more simple life. These days that we are having now won't ever happen again. So while I spend most everyday wishing I was in my new house - I am going to do my best to cherish the ones I have left here with my farmer.

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  1. Love all of the cabinet choices you made! Can not wait to see them finished.


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