Wednesday, March 18, 2015

National Ag Day

This blog was started as a documentation for our family. It's been just that, with ALOT of action of the new house. I will be ready for the house to be done so I can start blogging recipes, crafts, decorating tips, etc... Please don't hold me to that - I feel extra motivation today. I skipped my 5 a.m. workout and sipped coffee for a couple of hours this morning instead. It was glorious.

This link is filled with interesting (okay, interesting to me) facts about faming... I'm just a first generation farmwife, so I will leave all of the facts and details to people who know what they are talking about. OR my sweet farmer who has been sitting in a tractor his whole life and farming for almost 20 years.

National Ag Day Fun Facts

There are a lot of jokes about farmers out there. I have told a few myself.

Farmers work 4 weeks in the spring, 4 weeks in the fall and then complain about it the rest of the 44 weeks of the year. That's funny, right? I laughed, my farmer sort of pretended to laugh, BUT the point is, I could not be more proud of my husband and all of the sacrifices he has always made to be able to farm. From the kid riding in a bouncy tractor to the man that he is now - I am feeling blessed today.

SO Happy National Ag Day to all of the farmers and people in Agriculture.

Here are two of my favorites!





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