Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse...... Week 31

Week 31..... Lots of drywall, lots of drywall mud.  Our furnace is finally hooked up, so it's been nice to actually walk around a warm home. It's been a great week for work on the house. 

This week we have started to talk about trim. I have always thought that your trim can really make or break your home. I think that it's very important for all doorways (with a door or not) to have great trim.

After a quick browse through Pinterest, this is the photo that closely resembles our trim.
On to more trim details of Week 30 - our front and back porch pillars. Apparently rule of thumb is one inch around per foot of the height that you need. Our front and back porch pillars will be ten inch wide round. Similar to the photo below. I am still trying to decide if I should do tapered or non tapered? 

Back to more interior trim. I have decided to do a "library panel" trim around the bottom half of the walls going up the stairs. Kind of like the photos below, but not near as fancy... 

My Stairs.... 

Depending on the price I would also like to put the same panel down the hallway and into the half bath. Like in this photo below. 

My Hallway
I posted a picture on my Instagram account (follow me at 15009farmhouse) a few weeks ago about a picture of the office door for my farmer. That picture had a tractor, but I have decided to do a barn scene instead. The door will be 3/4 panel glass and this is will etched in the top. 

We got a lot of beautiful snow last night... In addition to walking around snapping pictures of the house this afternoon I also snapped some great pictures of our Sunday Snow day on the farm. 

Our niece and nephew love to ride on our Can Am when it snows. Being pulled behind something in the snow is pretty much the best thing about winter for kids (next to snow days of coarse).... These are all taken through a window.

In addition to looking pretty, snow is a great source of nitrogen for the dirt. 

That's all that we have for Week 31.

Happy March 1st everyone..

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