Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse...... Week 33

Week 33 was a great one. The weather has been absolutely perfect so in turn there was a TON of stuff done on the house. We keep eating "this is when things really start to slow down" but so far that has not been the case.... 

Week 33 picture. Check out that beautiful blue sky. 

Anyone notice anything new ?? Yes - we are finally getting some siding. It looks so good.

We went with white (obviously) vinyl siding.

Another huge thing that happened during week 33 was WOOD FLOORS. Custom Wood Floors out of Lee's Summit laid them. We were so excited and pleased with them. 

The shadows in the photo make it appear darker than the floor actually is. We did a grade 1 which has a little less grain than regular oak floors.

Shortly before we move in they will come back and sand and stain them. During this process we are doing what s called "Water Popping".... They will mop the floor with water right before they stain them and that will bring the grain to the surface and hold color as opposed to bleeding down to the grain. 

The end result will look more uniform than the typical hardwood floors - hopefully something like this. Maybe not quite as red...

The whole house has hardwood floors except the laundry room (brick), the master bath and the upstairs kids bath (both tile) and the upstairs playroom/living room (carpet)..

Next to the hardwood floors, my open staircase has been the most exciting thing to plan and pick out. To my delight all of our staircase pieces were delivered this week as well. These are the spindles - they are primed white but they will be painted a bright white to match the rest of my cabinets and trim. 

This is one of the two volutes that will be at the bottom of my stairs (one on each side)... 

It's made out of maple (very uniform look and less grainy) so it will be stained a very dark color - similar to this one . 

Our interior doors got delivered as well, This is our master bedroom door (it's a double door)... They are primed white but ill also be painted a bright white. 

Our garage currently looks like a mill. This is all of our trim.

That is all for Week 33... Our trim guy starts next week so I have been doing "research" on closet storage and organization all day. It's been fun - and overwhelming... 

My farmer and I had a birthday party last night for my mother-in-law... Here are some of my favorite shots from the night... 

Have a great week everyone. 

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