Saturday, April 26, 2014

Farmhouse Engagement Pictures

One downfall to getting engaged and planning a wedding in just four short months is not having enough time to plan your engagement pictures. Think beautiful green summer grass, or fall leaves. Me - I had my engagement pictures done in the month of March. Which if you ask me is quite possibly the ugliest time of the year.  Everything is still brown and nothing is green. But a couple of cute outfits and one amazing photographer later our pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Check out my photographer here

Here are some of my very favorite pictures from that day.

               I can already picture a huge print of this picture hanging in my farmers new office.

                            This is one of my favorites. Just a very natural "cheesy" smile

I knew we wanted the pictures on our farm. That's us, that's what our lives consist of and it's just where we feel ourselves.

                                                               This one is a favorite

I love color photos, but something about these black and white ones that really catches my eye... I can see them lined up in huge black frames and white matting lining a hallway.  Is it bad that I am already planning on where I am going to hang stuff in our new home. The new home that doesn't have walls yet.

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