Monday, October 31, 2016

Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Fall Decor... I had every intention of posting this about a month ago, to give you all decorating ideas for you to use in your own home.... Then October happened - and we were OH SO BUSY. I think Fall has been busier than our Summer was.  And of coarse, everything sort of revolves around Harvest this time of year. So things like blogging, giving my dog her monthly medicine and still trying to keep up with mowing the grass once a week seem a lot harder.

Fall, like every other seasonal decor (except Christmas and my 4 trees) I like to keep pretty simple. In fact, I think my outside is decorated more than the inside is. Simple bundles of wheat and pumpkins here and there are my go-to.

I'm loving this basket hanging on the door as opposed to a wreathe. It was beautiful filled with red geraniums all summer. 

Our entryway - I still love that I'm using this dresser as a table. I get so many compliments on it, but the dark wood is stunning.

My farmers office is basically the same..... just a pumpkin added to the table.

Over the summer I purchased this pitch fork and thought it would be perfect for this office - and it is.... I'd also like to find a shovel.

The gallery wall of farm photos is my favorite - and always gets a lot of looks from new visitors. 

Burlap Harvest pillow on the extra bar stool that doesn't fit around our island. We use it when we have people over and need it but this is the perfect spot for everyday use.

Bats on the fireplace.... The cutest. 

Simple pumpkin under a glass cloche.

I only decorated with a few corn stalks that we picked early to check on yields - with these prices you take all you can to the elevator. ;)

My favorite candle - Orange and Clove.. it can be purchased at Nell Hills at Briarcliff in Kansas City.

I'm dreaming of a big, cozy creamy linen blend sofa... A few years ago this leather bulky thing seemed like a good idea. And it hardly gets sat on so I have a feeling it will be around for a while. ;)

Those bundles of wheat are from my Aunt's farm in Warsaw, MO. She gave them to me last year and they are just so perfect. They kept great and I love the "messy" bundle look as opposed to the perfect bundle of wheat. It gives it more of a rustic, real look. 

For normal day to day this big pumpkin is our table centerpiece. Nothing much but just perfectly simple for this space.

I started hanging plates here last Spring. I had 6 little white plates with bunnies not he from Pottery Barn and I knew I wanted to hang them somewhere. Over the fall I had adorable plates with Cherries on them and these Sparrow plates I got at Nell Hills are perfect for fall. They are a little more "halloweenish" than fall but I do love the simplicity of the white plate and simple design.

And to add a little "fancy" to the table. I love this design because it is still so simple and makes a statement. 

It was fun to photograph.

And last but not least - our back mudroom area. Summer sunglasses and hats get replaced with fall boots and scarves. And in true real life - my Nike shoes and pineapple flip flops made it into the picture down below. They do get "stashed" there daily. It's easy to slip on when i take the dog outside. 

Well that's it for the Fall Farmhouse Tour... I hope that you all have had a great Fall and a very bountiful Harvest.


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