Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The One Where I Got Engaged

I am sure that anyone who knows me knows that my farmer and I got engaged two weeks ago tonight.. Since then it's been a whirlwind, 4 days after getting engaged we headed off to Mexico (which i promise to post about this upcoming weekend) and since we have been home I have been in full wedding mode.

I have been busy planning a simple summery backyard wedding. Navy blues, white hydrangeas, barn printed invitations, flower seed favors, white tents, my parents backyard and cute little girls dressed in dresses and little boys in suspenders and bow ties.

I will apologize in advance for the amount of wedding stuff that this blog will consist of in the next few months.

My farmer and I have been talking marriage and kids since maybe our second date, I have always known that he was going to be the man that I was going to marry. I have always known that someday we will be that old couple that sits on the front porch in a rocking chair watching our grand kids run around. I have always known that with him by my side we can get through anything.

Because don't we all just want a love like Johnny and June.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. We are excited about this next chapter in our life together. With my farmer, on our farm, and in our farmhouse - we have all that we could have ever wanted.

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