Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter on the Farm

Winter won't last forever - soon Spring will be here. I am ready for Spring just like all of you. I am ready for all the tulips that I planted, I am ready to mow the yard and I am ready for warm spring afternoons and walks.

But I refuse to wish this time away. I am just like everyone else - ready for a different season, always ready for a Friday afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I am going on day 2 of being snowed in, out of milk for my coffee, and I am anxious to get out and into my daily routine. But I am doing my best to make the most of this snow day. That includes scrambled egg breakfasts with my farmer, lazy afternoons on the couch (like I am doing now) and a brief outing in the snow to snap some pictures for you guys.

It is a beautiful white, powdery snow that sparkles with the afternoon sun beating down on it.

And this is our gravel road..... Drifted shut....

.... Hopefully sometime soon we will be able to get out. (Did I mention I am out of milk for my coffee)

I love these trees in front of the barn. I got them last year at Home Depot and they add great height to the barn. There are also some great knock out roses there too, but they are covered with snow.

Stay warm everyone, stay safe out there and please send some prayers for my sister. She is at the hospital now and was induced a little while ago. The Dr. says that it more than likely be tomorrow before she delivers, which just happens to be my great grandmother's birthday.  I am definitely feeling blessed on this snow day. I hope you find blessings in your day as well.

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