Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Twin Boys

For anyone who knows me knows that i have 5 (almost 6) adorable nieces and nephews. Seriously, they are just the cutest, sweetest kids ever - although I am sure every aunt feels that way!

Among those are my sisters twin one year old boys..., Did I mention she is having another baby in less than a week - another boy... Can we all just give this woman a round of applause right now.

A couple of weeks ago she threw this adorable Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party. She had everything from walking big bird balloons to custom birthday shirts, and cookie monster and Elmo cookies and cakes. It was picture perfect. I showed up at the party a little bit early (okay an hour) to take pictures of everything before the rest of the guests arrived. When i walked in and saw everything I knew I had to share it all with you as well.

So here are a few (okay - more than a few) of my very favorite pictures from that special day.

Seriously - how cute is this cake

The boys and my sweet sister - they needed a little bottle pick me up before opening gifts.

Today I read something that my sister wrote to me. She said "Thank you for doing everything that you do to make our life easier."

Twins are fun, they really are. Everything from coordinating outfits and Halloween costumes to double the laughs and kisses BUT twins are also a lot of work (duh, right)... Who am I kidding, its a lot of work just to get them dressed in the morning.

I am not there day in and day out by any means, but I do spend every Saturday morning with them. I honestly think that in 52 Saturdays i maybe missed 4 or 5... Aunt of the year award, anyone - just joking!

It really all starts with my sister. We've always spent Saturday's together. Prior to the babies it was shopping trips and lazy days by the pool. We have some great memories and they were all great days, but I must say.... Our current days that are filled with peekaboo, messy pancake breakfasts, book readings and wagon rides are by far my favorite. Nothing compares.

For their birthday I got them adorable matching (go figure) swim trunks. We have a HUGE family vacation planned late this summer in Seaside, Florida and last fall my parents put in a swimming pool, so i assumed that they would get plenty of use. Along with another little cozy outfit from none other than The Gap i made the following "movie". It was super easy using iMovie on my mac book.

(Turn up your volume)

Samuel David and William Louis Krause....

Needless to say it brought tears to her eyes (and a lot of others)

Hope you are all having a great week - stayed tuned for an upcoming post about these sweet twins and their new baby brother (due anytime now)....

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