Sunday, June 22, 2014

They Have Moved

Hi everyone,

I feel like I start every single post by promising to post more - and that hasn't happened yet. I started this blog as something fun to do and a great creative outlet for myself, as well as a great documentation for our family - I am really focusing on keeping it just that.

BUT with that being said - I really do plan to post a lot more in the coming months. In the past 2 weeks I have quit my job, got married and started a new job... In the next few weeks we will break ground on our new home... WOW that's a lot of change... They're good changes, it's all very exciting new changes headed our way, which in turn are headed to this blog.

Back to the reason for my post today. My sister and her beautiful boys (Samuel 18 months, William 18 months and Grant 5 months) are moving. It's only 45 minutes away but they are currently 7.5 minutes away. I must say that 37.5 minute difference has been a tough one.

She's my very best friend.... There's a lot of things that I can say about her, but to keep it simple, she is just a much better version of myself-she is everything I want to be.

This is one of my favorite pictures.

They have an awesome new home, beautiful subdivision with tree lined streets, and a great fenced in back yard for those sweet boys to run free.. It's a good thing, I know that they are all going to be so happy there...

It was tough saying "goodbye" to their old home. So many wonderful memories there. 

Take a look at all of the growing up they have done at that sweet home on a corner lot... 


Lots of sleeping... Just not always at night...

Lots and Lots of stroller and wagon rides...

Lots of crazy hair (Will)

AND.... the occasional mess

While the home that you raise you kids in will always be a part of you.... In the end its just 4 walls.... The people that you share it with that will always be the most important thing.  And let me tell you, with the three of them (and her sweet husband) she is blessed no matter where she lives. 

God's Blessings to the Krause Family on your new adventure. 

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