Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 1

Well, after many many months of talking about, planning, researching, more planning, designing, more researching (you get the point) my farmer and I have officially began building our new farmhouse... 

Unfortunately for us - that meant mowing down record yielding corn.... This is how much my farmer loves me, or just how excited he is about our new home. But - in my defense, it was less than an acre (okay - right at an acre)...

this is me - playing around with my new camera... trying to get the clouds to look as beautiful as they were that evening. 

As large mounds of dirt piled up our cute little neighbor kids - also our nieces and nephews - headed over to play.

Every week... I will stand in the exact same spot and take a picture of the progress (and i am sure - lack of progress some weeks)....  But how cool will it be to look back on these photos. 

AND.... this will be the end result ( with a few modification)...

We have scratched the third car garage (the one facing the front) and we have not vaulted the living room, so that will take off a small section on the second story to the right.

There are several things on the inside that we have changed around as well, and I am sure that each week we will continue to make more changes for what is going to work for us and our family.

It's been fun, and we are seeing stress and a little less sleep already, but thinking about all of the fun and laughter and memories that this house will hold just makes it all worth it.

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