Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Sign Says Nashville, TN

Most of you all know that we just got back from our week long family vacation in Seaside, Fl. It was also our honeymoon. That's right, my farmer and I honeymooned with 25 of my family members. With getting busy with harvest, building the new house, and having that trip and our Mexico trip last winter already in the books, that's all that was left for us. And let me tell you - that's okay by me. 

I am feeling blessed with everything and after discovering that Seaside is a little slice of heaven in America, I can see many many more trips there for my farmer and I. (I am already wanting to go during Christmas time)... To my farmer who is reading this - I promise, I don't mean this Christmas.

Back to the post... My farmer and I along with my brother and sister in law left for vacation a few days early and stopped in Nashville. None of us had ever been there, and we had a day and a half to explore the music city.

After a little bit of research I knew that we had to tour the Plantation Home of Andrew Jackson (Our 7th President)... It might have been a little nerdy thing to do in the City with live music and people that start drinking in the early afternoon, but I have to tell you that after I got the rest of the group on board - we all had a great time.

It was historic, it was informative, the weather was perfect and the scenery was just absolutely beautiful. Take a look for yourself at The Hermitage - The Home of President Andrew Jackson. 


I am into gold frames right now, I snapped a bunch of pictures of pictures just adoring the frames themselves. 

All of the slavery information was such a hard thing to really grasp, but this is an oil painting of Andrew Jackson's slaves, and I think it's a beautiful piece. 

beautiful manicured lawn....

The trees were all so tall and so beautiful 

I have always loved tree lined lanes - this one is no exception 

The lane headed to the house. 

The gardens of "The Hermitage"

My farmer and I 

I love this shot... 

Our Nashville travel partners... My little brother and his beautiful wife.. We had so much fun together on this trip - it's one I will never forget, lots of great memories. 

I am in love with this bed. 

Some of the slaves homes. 

On the other side of the property there is an Andrew Jackson Visitor's Center. People were setting up for a wedding. It was beautiful. Little log cabin tucked away in the woods with beautiful rustic wedding decor. Part of me wanted to pull a Vince Vaughn and crash that wedding. 

An old fashioned dinner bell - my in laws actually have one at their home place .

Cotton Field 

You could take horse drawn carriage tours... we opted for the on foot version so this didn't feel too much like "school" on our fun Nashville vacation. 

AND.... this is where they made me stop taking pictures. We toured the beautiful Southern Mansion where Andrew Jackson lived and then died, but no photos were allowed. Beautiful woodwork, beautiful 180 + year linen wallpaper, Beautiful canopied beds... It was all just so lovely, but you will have to head to Nashville, TN yourself to see it. 

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