Thursday, May 21, 2015

Farmhouse Paint Colors and Wallpaper

I have been eating, breathing, sleeping, all things this house for at least a good solid year. Most things I have known what I want before I even have to pick them out. I hear that's been a contractors dream. Until they get wind that I write about them every week in a blog. I have even been deemed the Taylor Swift of house building. Actually - that's a lie. No one has ever called me that- I call myself that. Enough embarrassing admissions of my love of Taylor Swift (Country Taylor Swift - NOT "Shake it off" Taylor Swift) - let's get back to paint colors.

I am not good with lots of color. Part of me would love everything white and off white - actually most of me would love white and off whites... BUT we have lots of big beautiful trim and to really show that off I think you need a little bit of color. Key word... little...

I'll go ahead and warn you that ALL of these colors are not what they appear. I almost didn't even post these paint colors because the sample that I downloaded from the internet is not how it looks on my walls. But... here goes.

All of our cabinets and trim are painted (enameled) Benjamin Moore "White Dove." It's such a great color with the right amount of cream to it.  Plus it's what my sister in law has and let's face it - anything that she has in her house I love. Thanks Mel....

The majority of the house (entry, living room, hallway, back mudroom, garage, laundry, up the stairs, upstairs playroom) will be Benjamin Moore "Revere Pewter."
Again... it's not near as dark as it's appearing.


My Farmers office will be Benjamin Moore "Briarwood"... I was looking for a great deep rich color - something very masculine and this color did it for me. It's a good grey/brown with a hint of greenish. (Not John Deere Green as originally requested...)

The kitchen is Benjamin Moore "Glass Slipper"... A real pale pale icy blue.  Not too many walls in my kitchen - most of it is open. It will mainly be where the table area is.

I have said all along that if I could afford to wallpaper my whole house that I think I would. Now that may be a stretch but I do love wallpaper. My half bath will be wallpapered this white and light gray Animal Toile. The lower half of the walls are the white library paneling and this will wallpaper will be the top. One of my favorite rooms... I can't have a favorite - I love them all. Check out those big cows (bulls) I am a sucker for all things cow. 

Our master bedroom is Benjamin Moore "Phillipsburg Blue" DEFINITELY not as deep as it's shown in the sample... It was tough for me to do this dark, but we have three really big windows that line one wall so lots of natural light and big white trim. I think it will go with our cream upholstered bed great.

Another reason that I decided to go so bold in the master bedroom was that our master bathroom is.... wait for it..... White. Dove white trim and Dove white walls. Our two vanities are a dark walnut/cherry color and the mirrors as well so I think it will be a nice balance.

Benjamin Moore "White Dove"

I desperately wanted to paint the bedroom with the built in bookcases a soft pinkish color, but I refrained. I ended up doing BOTH bedrooms in Benjamin Moore "Colony Green". It's a much softer green than the way that it looks below.

The upstairs (future kiddos) bathroom will be both painted and wallpapered. Remember it's a Jack and Jill styled bathroom so it has two vanity sections that are separated my a middle section with a shared tub and toilet. The two vanity section will be painted this Benjamin Moore "Billowy Down"


And the middle section with the tub and the toilet will be this absolutely adorable Thibaut "Resort Frogs"... It's even cuter in person - I promise. And parts of the frogs and the butterflies actually have texture on them. It almost appears as if it's painted on the wallpaper. Very charming.

Our outside columns will be painted a bright white (to match the siding) but both front and back porch ceilings will be Sherwin Williams "Sleepy Blue."


Well - I think that about covers it for paint and wallpaper. All but one color was chosen from the  Benjamin Moore color schemes but our paint will be Sherwin Williams. They will just match every sample that I have. I know I didn't post a weekly update this week. I plan to combine it with next week since I think maybe our painting will done.

We are getting closer...

I will end with an adorable picture from one of our last Taylor Swift concert because they are cuter than any house photo. And yes I made those tutus and NO I didn't wear one :)



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