Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse..... Week 40 and Week 41

I am very very behind.... Which seems to be the theme for our construction. JUST KIDDING! I am the worlds least patient person (according to my farmer) so throw that in with building a new home and it's not a great combination.
I didn't post Week 40 because we had a birthday party for our nephew (pictures later in the post) and well there wasn't really that much to show. Just paint primer... and I can't even try to make that interesting.
But the good news is it all looks very very good. Caulking and priming and enamel is very boring to me when I just want to be living there but what it ends up doing to your trim and the way that it looks is very much worth it. I need to remind myself of that when I become impatient. Good things come to those who wait!
Take a look at Week 40 and Week 41... Because they are the same - from the outside at least. 

We did get our appliances in... We purchased them back in October from Best Buy. 

With all of the priming and caulking they have to remove every drawer and door from the house. It's a process I tell ya. 

Primed white laundry room cabinets.

Primed Library paneling in the 1/2 bath.

The kitchen island

The stained kitchen island....

Primed living room built ins.

Primed library paneling going up the steps.

The front door also got stained BUT quickly covered up for the priming process. Maybe I'll show you that next week.

Last week we got all of our countertops set. Kitchen and Laundry room are a River White granite and upstairs bathroom vanities are an SF Real granite.  We purchased master bath vanities and the half bath vanity from stores (Pottery Barn and Home Depot) those are both Cararra Marble.
We got all of our stone from Bracco Stone in Kansas City. Very very nice people to work with and great prices as well. SO if you are looking for some countertops give them a call. I failed to get a picture of the upstairs 1/2 bath vanity tops. They are very similar to the kitchen and I did get photos of those.
We did a small Ogee on the kitchen island and a half bullnose everywhere else for the edging. All four corners of the island flair out like in this photo below.
This is of course was taken prior to the island being stained. I'm a little backwards on this post.

I think I have been most excited about this old sink. We had it redone and sandblasted a bit. If you recall from my earlier post this is from the house of my farmers grandparents. It's very very special to us all and I am glad that we have been able to put it to good use. I bet I give babies a bath someday in this sink. Hopefully kids and grandkids. 


AND... Some of my favorite birthday party shots..

The birthday boy... My farmers little buddy and my little boyfriend. I can't wait to tease him in 10 years that he was in love with his Aunt :)

WELL that is all for Week 40 and Week 41. I am drinking coffee and picking out my colors now SO I will do a post about what colors (and wallpaper) I have picked out.

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