Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Harvest Meal of Hot Italian Sandwiches....Farmer Approved

We had a break in harvest last week between beans and corn. It was nice to have my farmer around the house more, or even just to carry on a conversation that wasn't between dumps in the combine and quickly at dinner before bed when we basically talk about crops.. We had pretty much a whole week to ourselves. But this week we are back at it and I have a new harvest meal. Hot (as in temperature, not spicy) Italian Sandwiches. One of my friends posted this recipe on her Instagram last week and I knew immediately it would be something that my farmer would love.

PLUS - as always, its nice to have something that I can make up as soon as I get home and pop in the oven ten minutes before my farmer gets home.

I will warn that these are not a healthy meal. I paired it will a big green salad, but still, healthy these are not... BUT they are very filling (I ate a half) and perfect for leftovers (I ate my other half the next day)


 Mix together one stick of butter and one packet of dry Italian seasonings. You can use less butter if you want, I think I will next time, I didn't end up applying all of this butter to those 6 hoagie rolls.
Slice up 6 hoagie style buns. These will make a great lunch for my farmer the rest of the week.

 Butter the inside of the rolls

 And add ham, salami, pepperonis and mozzarella to each sandwich. I had some leftover pepperonis from Friday night homemade pizzas and just purchased a package of ham and salami. You can make a couple of sandwiches meatier (my farmers) and next time I might add fresh spinach to mine.

 Top with a pepperoncini is you wish.

And I wrapped ion foil until my farmer got home. There is dinner, all prepped by 3:30. I know, what a gourmet meal...

Remove the foil and bake at 350° for about ten minutes. I had two additional hoagie sandwiches in another pan. These are such big sandwiches that they don't even all fit.

I can not believe that October is almost half over. Time needs to seriously start slowing down (although I hear it only starts going faster).... I hope you all have been having a great fall. We are all in need of some rain but I am enjoying these warmer October days.

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