Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange..... The Gift REVEAL!

The Christmas decorations are down and my house looks bare. I usually dread this time of the year but for some reason this year I am embracing it. It's been another great Christmas but I am ready for 2016 and all that it has to offer. 

One of the the things that filled my December, in addition to Christmas parties and cookie baking was the Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange. It was fun to receive a package in the mail. A package that I didn't have to explain to my farmer as to what it was. :) Just something that someone picked out all for me based on knowledge that she gained from my social media. This year I was blessed to have been matched up to Kellie Gregorich from www.kellieforag.com be sure and check out her awesome blog. She is one of my favorite follows these days. So Kellie - if you are reading this - thank you thank you thank you. 

Such a fun festive PO box and cute bag inside. 

As soon as I opened the box I smelled something so amazing. It was clean and fresh and just so very fragrant. It's currently burning in my laundry room, because as Kellie said in her sweet sweet letter, sometimes farm clothes just stink. :)

Please excuse the not so great photography. I am taking a class this weekend so I hope to learn more about my camera. 

 I love reading the letters that people send. Just so thoughtful and sweet. Kellie even told me to let her know when my bulb burns out our of burner and she would send me a new one. That's just the kind of "good people" that are a part of this exchange. People that you found yourself wishing you lived down the dirt road from, the kind you can share a bottle of wine with or sitting on the front porch and drink glass of tea with. I am certain that if Kellie lived on the next farm over - we would be instant friends.

Twigs and Berries..... It smells like just that.

I am a huge lover of Christmas Ornaments. Every year I love to find the perfect ones to add to the Christmas Tree.  So when I received one from Kellie I was even more excited. She even wrote on the back of it. 

This is a little hanging air freshener. I currently have it on my car. My sweet Golden Retriever Molly rides to work with me everyday.... So to say that my car sometimes needs an air freshener is an understatement. 

As fun as it was to go through and use the gifts I received from Kellie. It was just as much fun getting to know Mindy Young and finding the perfect gifts for her. Monday is a blogger at www.farmfitliving.com. You have to check out her blog, she is such an inspiration. She is pregnant with her second child and completely dedicated to healthy living and fitness. Her Facebook and Instagram posts motivate me daily. SO when I read that Mindy doesn't drink coffee (how can someone not drink coffee) but that she does love hot chocolate. I knew I had to get her the best hot chocolate I could find. Where better than William Sonoma Hot Chocolate. I am sure her and her little girl enjoyed some cups this past Holiday Season. While I was at William Sonoma I came across the best Winter Fir candle. It just smells like Christmas. To see everything I sent her be sure to check out her page. 

I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and that everyone enjoyed the Exchange. It was so much fun to help co host this year. The relationships that I have made and strengthened this year in the exchange again are just so very rewarding.

Be sure to link up your blog profiles here. 

Happy 2016 Everyone!


  1. Kirby,
    Thank You for all the help you gave Jamie and Laurie to pull of an other successful Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange. I helped the girls last year and know how much you and Lara contribute to this event.

    Looks like Kellie did a great job putting a fun package together for you.

    I agree with your "good people" statement. I was just telling the Hubs that it amazes me how "ag people" from across the miles have a bond. Events like these really make me appreciate those that do what I do and enjoy caring for the land and their livestock.

  2. How cute!! What a great little gift Kellie sent to you. I love the snowman ornament. He would fit on my tree too. :)
    Thank you for all of your help this year! Jamie and I could of no way done it without you and Lara. This was a great year and I am so glad you decided to take this ride with us. I wish you a very Happy 2016!
    Laurie - Country Link

  3. Kellie did an amazing job! Don't you love how thoughtful our gift exchangers are? I'm really amazed at how many new friends we can meet doing this. :) It was awesome, of course, to share co-host duties with you this year, Kirby - hope to drop by your neck of the woods in Missouri someday to share that tea - or, let's be real, bottle of wine IRL!! Happy New Year! -Lara, My Other More Exciting Self

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed your gift! Thank you for your sweet words! I hope to meet in person some day! Until then, we will keep in touch! :)

  5. Thanks again for everything you did to help out this year Kirby - Laurie and I def couldn't have pulled it off without you and Lara helping out! You are so spot on with your good people comment. It's amazing to me how sometimes you can meet someone "randomly" online and just have the best connection and instant bond. I feel like I gained so many extra mamas and sisters these past few years through blogging, and I hope other people feel the same thanks to our exchange!

  6. Thank you for helping host this year. I loved that you took pictures of each gift and told a little about them.

  7. Thanks so much for helping host #CITC! I had such a fun time participating. I love how easy it is to connect with so many other ag people. The industry has such a family feel to it, even though we're all different. Best wishes in 2016!

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