Friday, January 8, 2016

January Organization... Starting A New Year Off Right.

We moved into our farmhouse over the summer and for the longest time everything was NEW. Nothing needed any deep cleaning, the baseboards were freshly painted, the light fixtures were just hung, the showers were just grouted. It was all just as it should be.....
Fast forward six months after living here, just taking Christmas stuff down, and now my sweet dog Molly is more of an inside dog than originally anticipated and my house needs a good ol fashioned deep cleaning.

What more perfect time of the year to do that than in the dreary month of January. For the next month I will be following this schedule until my house and closets and drawers and woodwork get a little more back to normal.

I'm a list maker, I'm a scheduler. I do better when I have goals that I know I need to get done.

Week of January 3rd:
  • All bedrooms and closets   

Week of January 10th:

  • Bathrooms

Week of January 17th:

  • The Kitchen and pantry

Week of January 24th:

  • Laundry Room and Craft Closet

Week of January 31st:

  • Garage

This is my January goal. Obviously some weeks are easier than others. I am getting my stamina up for the kitchen week. All of those cabinets needs a pretty good wipe down. I've seen everything from some dripped coffee to spaghetti sauce on them.

I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes week by week. I am almost done with my first week of closets and bedrooms. Let's face it - that was pretty easy. I'll also share a few tips on how I stay organized. So far baskets, baskets, more baskets.


  1. AH!!! So feeling your pain... we moved into our newly built home 3.5 years ago. It seems just like yesterday... but if you begin to look around.. and I mean really look around... it won't seem like yesterday. It's definitely getting lived in. My hobby was keeping our home cleaned and organized the first few years. It was perfection at all times. The honeymoon was over and I haven't been deep cleaning all the time like I use to! The struggle is real.... good luck with your organizing! I am hoping to do some major organizing and deep cleaning this winter as well. It's amazing how much stuff we collect :/

  2. I haven't moved in over 6 years, but my house is a cluttered mess. Thanks for the tips! I have trouble staying indoors to clean, but I know it needs to be done. I'm going to try to make lists for each room to motivate myself. The new baby coming should be motivating enough...but it's really not. It is a struggle.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I need help with this too! I am sure at least once in your life you had to merge some documents. I use a simple service for docs merging. It definitely makes my life easier!

  4. I need to get on this too! My problem is when you live there during construction... it's like watering your garden in the rain, lol! So much dust. This is going to be added to my list - for after the kiddo comes and we get our lives back on track. I have done some though, when you restain all your cabinets you can't help but deep clean them in the process, so that was nice!

  5. I love a good organizational/cleaning challenge! Kelly from Old Blue Silo is my accountability partner for one right now. The blog A Bowl Full of Lemons does a 14 week challenge where you have one week to completely organize, purge, etc one space in your house. She even makes printable checklists... swoon! Best of luck getting everything in order!

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