Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Farmhouse Dinner party

I was going to finish this up Monday night but has anyone ever heard of the bachelor?:)... I'm addicted this season so last night I made dinner early and got everything cleaned up so I could watch helpless romantic reality T.V for 2 solid hours - it was glorious!! I've been a non existent blogger for the past couple of months. I never want it to feel like it's something that I "have" to do. It's very much a creative outlet - and I just haven't felt very creative.... But I'm back at it. And something about beautiful weather in February puts me into a creative drive. I hosted a birthday dinner for my mother in law on Saturday night. We've done it every year for a few years but this was the first time I've hosted it at our house. I was in my element. I love planning, I love hosting- needless to say I was in heaven. I have always thought that planning and prepping for a party is just as fun as the actual hosting when guests arrive. Am I the only one who feels like that? Early Saturday morning with a cup full of coffee quietly baking the cake and whipping up the lemon mousse - I just loved it. I will find any reason to have people over - even if it's just for our weekly Friday night pizza dinner - why it is that pizza always just feels like a Friday night thing?

The menu was a beautiful cheese board and baked brie for appetizers followed by prime rib, twice baked potatoes and a lettuce wedge salad for dinner. For desert we had Homemade Chocolate Cake and individual Lemon Mousse tarts. it was such a fun evening full of so much love.... and lots of food. Which to me is the same thing as love. :)

When I started to plan the decor for the party I knew I wanted lots and lots of white flowers. I am such a lover of all things clean and natural looking (like white) that sometimes I struggle with adding color into things. Since we have been super busy at work and in the fields (hello 70° in February) my mom went to Kansas City last week to pick up all the flowers. I sent her after 120 tulips. Keep in mind tulips are a small flower so while 120 stems is alot, it takes alot to make a nice arrangement. She came back with 120 white tulips and 10 yellow tulips and 10 pink tulips. As soon as I saw the yellow tulips I knew that they would go perfectly with my blue and white dishes - and that warm pink tulip just looked so springy. Moms always know best!!

See the pink and white "arrangement" I did for my kitchen island. Hard to get a great angle but it was (still is) beautiful..

I am going to do a separate post with all of my recipes (or recipe links)... This one is just party pictures. I tried to take plenty of photos while I was setting up because I knew once my first guest arrived I would have no time. And I was right - I had no time.

Early Saturday Morning Lemon Mousse tart prep. Take a look at these sweet tart pans - they were a huge hit.

The making of the lemon mousse..... I still find it awkward to take photos while I am stirring something. I am working on it.

When my mom found out I was making a Lemon Mousse tart she gave me some frozen lemon juice that she brought home from my Aunt's house in January. Fresh Florida grown Meyer Lemon juice - it was spectacular. Thanks mom - and aunt Jamie...

My first time making Swiss meringue - I'm a whipped cream girl but I love the texture of this Swiss meringue - very cloud like.

 Baking with "Barefoot Contessa" on in the living room.... Sure, why not. I was pretending to be her but my "Jeffrey" was out in a tractor putting on Ammonia in the fields, not in East Hampton. :)

 Yes I leave post it notes for myself all around my kitchen, please tell me I am not the only one. Helped keep my sanity.

White tulips in white canisters.... Does it get any better than that...!

Also on the tables were little candles and white coffee mugs full of spicy horseradish sauce for the prime rib. 

Anyone getting married in the Springtime - these would be the perfect table centerpieces.

Because what's a good party that doesn't have a bar.

 or monogrammed bar towels.... :)

 I do AS MUCH prep as I can the night before. Even if it's just slicing french bread and putting into baggies, it's one more step that's DONE!

I did a full sit down served meal for 20 people and this little worksheet helped me keep my sanity. :)

More post it notes... I've gotten some grief for the three ovens in my kitchen - you would be happy to know that this is the second time I used all three ovens in 8 months.

This was once my favorite coffee mug but I have used it for a little vase in my bathroom most of this winter. I might need to replace my mug.

A little peak into some of my Spring decor. After all of the "heavy" decorations of Christmas I have loved just little light and airy things. Some pops of color, but not too much going on. My motto has always been "less is more"... well in decorating that is. ;)

 A photo of my grandmother at our of my faves.

My kitchen hutch....quite possibly my favorite part of the  house. It's fun to decorate for the seasons.

Wedding China... Ralph Lauren print. We almost didn't do "wedding china" BUT I am so glad we did.... Does anyone still do that these days? I love the idea of having some to pass on to generations.

And my sweet dog Molly who comes inside only when she stays on her pillow, but if you follow me on instagram and facebook you can see she is taking over the house. She spent the party in the garage so after i cleaned my floors I allowed my long haired dog to come back inside - not my best move of the day.

All the girls of the photo...

ZuZu always has helpers blowing out the candles...

 This side of the cake is missing a little bit of middle icing. I got the photo of the wrong side for this photo. That can happen when you are too used to "staging" photos.

  Individual lemon mouse tarts for some people to take home. I did ave two left over. As good as it is (and a fave of mine) it's hard to pass up that delicious chocolate cake.


  1. So fun to see all your photos - Barefoot Contessa eat your heart out!! :)


  2. I love it all Kirby!!! You are too fabulous. The buffalo check head chairs are making me all heart eyes. The menu sounds fabulous.


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