Monday, March 21, 2016

Bird Nest Cake and Cupcakes

I am great at making something for an occasion or Holiday and taking photos and sharing them with you AFTER it is already over. I thought maybe I would try to do things a little ahead of time that way maybe I can inspire you or give you some ideas about upcoming occasions - in this case... Easter.

Birds Nest Cake:

I always bake my cakes in round pans. They are just a little bit more "fancy." It is very important to let your cake cool completely. A lot of times I will bake mine the night before and cover it with saran wrap. Nothing is worse that going to decorate a cake and having it fall apart because its still too warm. I have most definitely done that before.

I like to put a good amount of icing in between my layers as well. .

For the "nest" I chopped up just a regular Hershey's chocolate bar into big rough strips. You don't want it too fine.

I like to use "decorator eggs" I have in my house to decorate my cake with. I got these at Hobby Lobby and they work perfect. They are light (the real dyed eggs tend to slide down because they are too heavy) and I love the speckled look.

Birds Nest Cupcakes:

Once cupcakes are baked then cooled I like to assemble a little working station. I chopped my chocolate just like I did for the cake but a little bit more fine and shaved. Put vanilla icing into a bag for the icing and I got a little bowl full of candy eggs. I love all of the really pastel colors.

Put icing on them all. I think it looks a little better doing something like this with your icing as opposed to smeared on with a knife. I promise it's super easy, just pretend you are making an ice cream cone... :)

Apply a small amount of chocolate shavings in the very center of the cupcake.

Then top with little eggs (these are Cadbury)

Look at how sweet - and yummy!


Give these a try for Easter Sunday or any kind of special dinner you have this Spring - they're so easy and fun to make. I'll be back tomorrow with a fabulous homemade Pizza recipe... that I made two times this weekend!


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