Monday, April 18, 2016

Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches....Farmer Approved

I’m obsessing over lilacs right now. Last week my grandmother was in Florida and I completely raided her lilac bush. I literally have about 10 little lilac arrangements in my house. Planting a bush is on my list is things I want in my yard….Up next are peonies… I cannot get enough of spring flowers.
Currently my favorite spot in our house.

 Another thing I have been obsessing over is chicken on the grill. Last summer we were really too busy moving in to “mess” with getting the grill ready and grilling dinner (we are still old school charcoal users). And years past when we were in our little house it just was not convenient to grill. You literally had to walk out the house down to the little garage to the grill and there were no outside lights. I know I know… it was rough. :) But this Spring we are grilling all the time....
I like to “create" – I use that term very loosely new recipes and try new things… my farmer on the other hand likes to stick with what works. Every single time I tell him I am trying something new I can see his eye twitch as he probably starts to wonder if we have a frozen pizza in the freezer for backup. MOST of the time of works out - and this time it certainly did with chicken Caesar salad sandwiches.

Lately I have been trying to avoid carbs in the evening hours. Anything we have for dinner that would normally require bread or carbs (tacos, hamburgers, sandwiches, etc.), I just substitute for lettuce. And since I am a salad lover I usually enjoy it more. Okay okay...maybe not more but just as much.  I skipped that with this recipe this time, but I could see this being great in a wrap as well – the possibilities are endless.

Grill the chicken breasts. Anytime I am making a chicken sandwich I always slice the breasts very thin. They are easier to cook and eat that way. Lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper. These 4 slivers of chicken are really 2 average size chicken breasts. They are just very thin.
Meanwhile toss together your Caesar salad. Lettuce and lots of dressing with some shavings of fresh parmesan cheese – yum…
Take two section of a French baguette (that’s what I used, you can use whatever you want or have – ciabatta would also be great)…  This was a lot of bread so I cut the middle section out. This made it easier to make a sandwich and pile your lettuce down in.

Lightly butter and toast on the stove top.

Assemble chicken, bacon, lettuce salad and extra dressing on top… super easy…. Barely blog post worthy but gives you another idea for a very quick and easy dinner….

Poor lighting.... and I am in the middle of washing up winter coveralls to be put away so that's what's draped over my chairs.... But this sandwich was delicious. Give it a try, or create your own version of a chicken sandwich at home.

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