Thursday, December 15, 2016

Our Christmas Farmhouse

It's our second Christmas in this house. The entire time we were building I thought about Christmas decorations. Where the trees would go, where I would put garland, what I would put on the mantle, how I would decorate the outside.. That's the fun part.

This tree... I love this tree each year. White lights, bright reds and greens and silver. All of the special ornaments that mean so much to us are so much fun to get out each year.

I'm missing my tree skirt in this photo... 
Before I get any farther take a look at my little Santa babies... Ignore the black border - its a cell phone photo, but how sweet are they? The oldest is my sisters girl, Ella and the baby is my brothers little girl Palmer, otherwise known as my sweet pea. 

Back to it... Molly's dog bed and some festive toys. She ripped the alligator with the Santa hat the shreds before I could get a cute photo.

That pillow is so sweet.... If Pottery barn sells something hat has a yellow dog of some sort on it - you can guarantee I will purchase it.


I love Christmas Trees - and there are currently 5 in our house - but I also like to keep the decorations pretty simple and minimal. In my laundry room I have some simple paper whites growing away. They love the light coming in from that window.

Simple faux boxwood wreaths tied with red satin ribbon for our 'mudroom" area.... That actually never really has mud. ;) Garland on top with nutcrackers from my mother in law...
My garland looks a little wimpy here in the photo, I think the right side has fallen back some.

We purchased another 9 foot Christmas tree this year. Believe it or not my farmer actually loves the trees as much as I do. He even Facetimed me while I was at work and he was in the store picking this one out. But he did come home never ever wanting to go to Hobby Lobby ever again. ;)

This is an oversized tree. Large ceramic glazed lights, large oversized candy ornaments and candy canes and large white glittery picks. Its hard to tell in the photo because it doesn't photograph well, but this really is a fun tree. 

If you follow me on Instagram you know that Trader Joe's is my new favorite place... I got a ton of fresh greens there last week for a little Christmas Party we had last weekend. great blooms that are really cheap. I just loved it there. Did I mention how cheap it was. Tis the life a farmer at the end of the year. ;)

Preserved boxwood wreathes (that we still have from our wedding) hang on the hutch doors with a  thick red satin ribbon. 

These old fashioned Santa plates are from Pottery Barn. I exchange these plates out for each season, next up are white plates with bunnies. ;)

I shared this photo on my Instagram this morning - I love this sign from my friend Mandy's shop called Flawed to Fabulous.... It's so perfect for this spot.
Ignore my boiling pot of water on the stove - I think this is red beans and rice that I'm making... ;)
My table decorated with my Christmas dishes passed down to me from my mom.. 
A peak into the living room... My tree still with no skirt and Gilmore Girls playing on the tv. #reallife
My staircase.... Wrapped in over 100 feet of garland with simple red satin ribbons tied. 

My farmers office has a tree too... Muted green, gold and brown ornaments adorn this tree.

Another peak at both trees from the front of the house. 

Upstairs we have a tree with colored lights and bulbs. It needs a little white or silver I feel like to really stand out.... But for this year it will do.

A picture of the whole room. Such a sweet little area.

That's all I have for this year. I will be sharing photos of our Linebach cookie making and packaging project this weekend - perfect ideas for gifts for neighbors, teachers, friends, etc...

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season.

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