Thursday, January 5, 2017


My farmer and I along with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law just got back from Seaside (I'll post those pictures soon) ! Seaside is on the Panhandle of Florida, right between Destin and Panama City Beach. The perfect little slice of heaven. Seriously - that is the best way to describe it.... Enough about Seaside, we will get to that this weekend.

Back to cleaning...and organizing.....

My farmer and I have a big month coming up. A lot of exciting things happening that we have been working on for a very long time. So to get me through this month I am doing what I do best. Cleaning and organizing. It's good for the soul - good for my soul anyways. There are a lot of things in life that you have ZERO control over - but the function of you're home is not one of them. I know I am probably the minority in the fact that I thoroughly enjoy this, but I do believe everyone benefits from a well ran home. I believe it saves money and time. Two very important things!

If these things are done effectively you will not spend any more of your year doing that much house work. Sure daily loads of laundry, weekly bathroom cleaning, scrubbing the floor during a muddy Spring living with a farmer, and nightly dishes are inevitable and I don't know about you but I don't want to spend a lot of time doing this stuff. When April hits and grass is green and bulbs are poking through the ground you don't want to spend time in your Laundry room cleaning your craft closet. You should be taking long walks, or getting flower beds ready and visiting your farmer in the field...

January is typically pretty slow - use this time... make it count.

Take a look at my monthly "schedule" for keeping our home going and getting it ready for another busy year - which I think just might be our best one yet.


J A N U A R Y    C L E A N I N G   /  O R G A N I Z A T I O N    S C H E D U L E

January 1 – 7th
Bathrooms! Organize your drawers, throw out old and unused items, wipe down EVERYTHING, restock your most used items, and treat all cabinets with a Bona cabinet cleaner. (If you haven’t tried Bona products you must. I’m addicted. And they’re safe according to my hardwood guy from when we built our house)

January 8-14th
Bedrooms! Bedroom organization seems easy… But throw closets in there and it’s a chore. I pull ALL of my clothes out of my drawers (thank you ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’) and donate donate donate. Or if you prefer start a really great garage sale pile. I keep a couple of tubs in my basement marked “garage sale” and throughout the year I add items I no longer want/need.

January 15-21st
Laundry Room/Mudroom/Craft Closet! This will be a week I sort of dread. Our laundry room is a catch all for everything. I try to stay on top of it throughout the year but busy times especially during the Holidays - it gets away from me. I do need some better storage and organization items for those drawers. Sometimes organization items are an investment but they do last… I will have to invest in those this year. I’ll do the basic cleaning of my cabinets and focus mainly on my drawers and hope it get it a more function able area.

January 22-28th
Kitchen…. Another big job but I’ll be in my groove by the time this week comes. Plus I will see the end in sight. I cook so much and we spend so much time in the kitchen that I have a pretty good handle on everything. I will though replace a couple of “grubby” drawer liners and re organizes a couple of drawers. The big thing of the week is the pantry. I have a lot of great labeled baskets but it is so full. That will be a big project, but nothing makes me feel better than opening those pantry doors to full organization!!

January 29-31st
Baseboards and floors…. Clean Clean Clean…. The last couple of days of the month will be all about the floors and baseboards. The rest of the rooms in the house should be ready to go that by time you wrap up the floors you have one very ready to go home. They don’t get too bad because I do try to stay on top of them... because.... Molly ;)


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  1. You had me . . . right up until the last week. I HATE cleaning baseboards. Ok, and bathtubs. Apparently anything that starts with the letter B.

    Thanks for this! :)


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