Monday, January 9, 2017

A Very Cozy Farmhouse

Christmas is down, packed away in the basement. There is no sign of greenery or ornaments, red and green ribbon, poinsettias or Christmas dishes...

January and February are slow on the farm. My farmer spends his days in his office getting ready for taxes... and paperwork organized for the next year, but our evenings are spent cozy in the living room. We usually have a fairly early dinner, then we read books, do some work on the computer or watch television. Basically we take advantage of these times together. Far too soon the fields will be ready to plant again and our quiet, cozy evenings together get replaced by 10:30 p.m. dinners and hardly no time together.

The house is finally back to normal. And while I am busy working on my monthly to-do that I posted about last week I have really been concentrating on getting my living room ready and cozy for the Winter. I had to move around furniture a little bit for the Christmas tree and it's so nice to have my space back. My fireplace is on and cozy in the morning while I drink my coffee.... and cozy in the evenings while I drink my wine. ;)

I dream of a large creamy linen sofa for this space. The leather is pretty, nice and durable.... But not as "cozy" as I would like... Arhaus will be my next stop - you have to check out all of their gorgeous furniture, including a variety of sectionals - and check out this sale! Maybe someday we can replace these big pieces of masculine looking furniture with something like this from Arhaus.

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  1. This cozy farmhouse is really so beautiful and pleasant to eyes. I am impressed with the decor you choose for this farmhouse. White furnished and organized in a cool way.


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