Friday, February 13, 2015

A year ago - I said YES

It's Valentine's Eve, I just made my farmer his requested meal of Prime Rib. He loves  prime rib, and I love to cook it for him. It's something "special" that we have on occasion - trust me, it's a long ways from our usual Friday night homemade Pizza. 

Being the sweet man that he is, he sent me flowers today. White Hydrangeas - they looked just like my wedding bouquet - which to my surprise is why he sent them. After reading my card that read "Thanks for saying yes a year ago" I was quickly reminded of February 13, 2014. 

That night - it was perfect. The ring was beyond perfect - still my favorite accessory. Though this year has been full of trials (planning a wedding in four months, starting building a house shortly after that along with the death of my poppy) but together we have always remained tough as nails - that's us. 

Take a look at our last year. life is good today.... 

If I could be the reason your hair's a mess,

 The bass drum beating way down deep in your chest,

 If I could be the voice on your radio,

 Then I could be your long ride home.

If mine could be the name that changes yours,

The wine in your glass,

 The swing on your porch,

The dollar in your pocket,

 And the peaceful in your sleep,

 Then I'd be what you mean to me.

If I could be the fire in your firefly,

 The cool in the rain,

 The spark in your eye,

 The answer to your prayer,

 And the faith that sets you free,

 Then I'd be what you mean to me.

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