Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse..... Week 28

Gosh the weather here has been perfect.... Sunshine and warm breezes. I purchased some white tulips today and a lilac candle. Some windows were open and I was cleaning - those are all signs that it's Spring. BUT it's still early February, and I can promise that we have not seen the last of cold weather... For now we will take it.

Tomorrow morning we get siding delivered (that will be covered next week) but it's nice to have some warm days so we can get some outside stuff done.

Back to Week 28...  Notice the front doors in...

We had an oversized (42") front door custom made from Bredehoeft Millworks. It will be stained a very dark mahogany.
And this is how it looks like from the inside. Just as pretty and oversized and lets in a lot of natural light. I'm in love with this door. 

The main thing that happened around the house this week was insulation. 

Comfort Solutions is doing all of our insulation - they will be blowing cellulose. 

A very blurry picture, not sure what happened there. BUT we do have a little "room" built around the upstairs HVAC that is in the attic storage above the garage. 

That's all for this week. I think next week will have a lot in store. Finalizing all of my built ins/cabinets, hopefully some siding and getting ready for the sheet rock on the inside. 

We are getting excited to see all of our ideas come alive inside our new home - and we are happy to have you all along for this journey. 

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