Wednesday, August 12, 2015

B.L.T.A.O.C (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoe, Avacado, Onions and Cheese)

I am not going to dare call this a "recipe" post. Its a BLT sandwich with a little extras I always add. I am sure this is a staple lunch or dinner for most families in the summertime. With garden fresh tomatoes at your fingertips there is no reason not to have this at least once.... a week...

I add a little extras to the original sandwich... Avocados, onions and cheese are a great addition.

I actually really like turkey bacon. It's yummy but my former pig farmer of a husband does not allow it on these sandwiches - so I fried up a whole pan of thick sliced bacon.
(We had extras that I heated up for breakfast...yummy)


I am a bread girl.... To me, the bread makes the sandwich. I always buy it from the bakery and this time I happened to get sliced ciabatta bread.

 All piled high. It's almost too big to eat sandwich style. It seems I always end up using a fork.

So next time you make  BLT for dinner think outside the box and add a few goodies from your fridge or fresh produce from your garden.  

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