Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our First House...

I am not going to lie - I really fit in perfectly with the new house. When people ask how we are settling I always smile and say "It feels like I have just always lived there".. And it's true. Even the first night there I felt like I was at "home".

We had the ever nerve-wracking appraisal done a couple of weeks ago. One day before said appraisal we got news that we had to tear down our "little" house. It was on the same tract of land and needed to be gone (or at least unlivable) prior to our appraisal. That really put a kink in plans. Sure - we planned to tear it down eventually but not necessary the very next day. I'll be honest, I was ready for it  but my sweet farmer was a little more emotional about it.  

It was a good house to us. We had a lot of really great times there. Some really important events happened there. I got proposed to in that house, we had our first really big fight there. We hosted so many fun hayride nights in the fall and a couple of fancy New Year's dinner's too. I found out that my Poppy passed when I was sitting in that living room, I was in the kitchen when I found out I was going to be an aunt...again... I was in the bathroom when I found out I was going to be a mamma, which sadly only lasted for a couple of weeks, which I found that out in that house too.. We laughed, we creid, we loved, we fought . That "little" house and the simplicity of living in it allowed us to have our new home-I will forever be thankful. 

Take a look at demolition day.

Good-bye little house.... Thanks for all you gave us. 


  1. The new house is beautiful! Sometimes it is hard to let go of things when we have such strong emotional attachment. When we moved from our apartment into our first house, there was some apprehension from me and my kids, but we got over it when we thought of all the new memories that we would make in our new house

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora Real Estate

  2. It is always so crazy to me how places can become so important to us. When my grandparents died, I think the hardest part for me was selling their house and knowing we'd never have a family party or gathering there again. Still, it's great to think about the future endeavors in your new house!

    Margaret @ Boston North Shore Real Estate

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