Thursday, September 24, 2015

Harvest Meal of White Chicken Chili...... Farmer Approved

I am BIG on traditions. To keep up with old ones and create new ones is important to me. Several years ago I started the tradition of sour Annual Hayride and this year I added a "Harvest Kickoff Dinner." Nothing big - I  just invited my farmers side of the family over for chili to kick off the beginning of Harvest.

In addition to good ol fashioned regular chili I made a White chicken Chili. I planned on it being popular for the women only, I did not anticipate making it again for my farmer two nights later. Yes that's right, we have had this chili twice in a week, I'd call that a farmer approved Harvest Meal.

In a large Pot (preferably a Dutch Oven, if you don't have one - go buy one, they are fantastic!) add one pound (ish) of chicken breasts and 4 cups of chicken stock.

Boil until the chicken is cook through (mine took about 15 minutes)


Move chicken to a cutting board and shred. The original recipe called for chopped chicken, but I prefer it shredded, or at least as much as possible.

Return to pot of chicken stock and add salt and pepper.

Add one chopped up white onion, a bag of frozen corn, and three cloves of fresh minced garlic

One little jar of green chilies and two cans of cannelloni beans. Or really any white chili bean is fine. That's what great about this recipe. If you think something might taste good, add it. That's how I came up with this recipe.

Squeeze the juice from a lime.

Add one block of cream cheese and...... If you like the heat add a few pickled jalapenos. They aren't too spicy but add nice heat to this chili.

Put your lid back on and simmer until cream cheese is mixed. I combined everything and let it sit on the stove until about 20 minutes before my farmer was to be in from the field. it worked perfectly...

I baked some biscuits to go with our chili.

Dinner is served..... I know with the temps still in the 80's it's harder to get thinking about fall soups and chili, but this one is worth sitting in the AC eating.


I feel a need to "confess" that even though MOST of the time I do have a hot meal on the table for my farmer when he gets home, we definitely have those nights where I do not. Like last night, when I was at my mother in laws and my farmer called me telling me he was home and I told him to preheat the oven for a pizza... I will leave the Digiorno Pizza Harvest Meal off the blog, but it was a good one.

Hope everyone is having a great Harvest. With dealing with all of the adversities during planting season we sure have been blessed yet again.


  1. What a fun tradition to have everyone over before the harvest starts. This chili looks amazing, I could see why he asked for it again!

  2. I have never made white chicken chili! I've been meaning too try it but every fall/winter goes by without doing it. You have made me determined! Yum! Thanks for sharing at Country Fair Blog Party!


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