Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange Sign Ups...

my living room is covered in Christmas lights and clips, I have a 10 foot Christmas tree ready to be trimmed (with 9 foot ceilings - my farmer is thrilled), the sweet UPS driver has already started delivering Christmas presents. needless to say we are getting in the Christmas Spirit around here.
Take a look at another way that we are getting in the spirit this year.

Welcome to this years Christmas in the Country Agriculture Blogger gift exchange! We are so glad you are here to signup! By following a few simple rules, filling out the information form and linking up your blog, you will be ready to spread and receive a little Christmas cheer. 
We as hosts, enjoy organizing and participating in Christmas in the Country and we enjoy getting to know all of you and seeing joy shared across the country. We do know that this is a very busy time of year, but we can not stress enough the importance of making sure that each participant participates fully in the exchange. Full participation includes: shipping ON TIME, blogging and linking up to the online party before it ends, taking the time to really 
get to know your person and sending them something you think they will enjoy and 
thanking your gift giver for your package. (We as hosts of the exchange do reserve the right 
to not let someone participate because of lack of full participation in the past.)
Now for what you all have been waiting for, the rules and guidelines of this years exchange. We did have to make some changes, so if you have participated before, please read this blog post carefully.
Dates to Remember:
November 20th - signups begin
November 30th - signups close

December 1st - receive your name via email
December 15th - Shipping deadline for your package
January 5th-12th - Share on your blog and in the linkup about CITC2015
How it Works:
In general, this is how the exchange will work: First you fill out the sign-up form so we can 
get all of your important information. Then, after sign-ups close you will receive a name - 
you do your research (be sure to keep this a secret, don't let them know that you have their name), and pick and send the perfect gift! Be sure to include a note in your gift revealing 
who you are and your info so your person can contact you to say thanks! In the mean time, 
someone else is doing their research on you and your gift is on it's way! When you receive a 
gift, take some pictures and thank your person! Then, on Jan 5th-12th, write a blog post 
about your experience and the gift you received and link up to the host blogs to share! 
Rules of the Exchange:
Each participant will fill out an information form. This information will be sent to another blogger who will be your "Secret Santa". You in turn will receive your own person of whom you will be sending a gift. All exchanging of information is done via email, so please provide an email that you check on a regular basis. 

Each participant needs to add their blog URL to the Christmas in the Country Linkup. This is a great way for others to see who is participating and a chance to read some new blogs. This year we are limiting the exchange to only bloggers. click here to sign up or look for another link at the end of the blog.
Everyone who signs up will send and receive a gift. Once you receive your persons name and information, head on over to their blog and other social media sites and take a minute to get to know them. The more you can learn about your person, the more personal you can make your gift. Suggest price range for gifts are $15-$25.  

Packages must be sent by December 15th. We are requesting that everyone send a photo of the tracking number or an email with the tracking information. If the hosts don't hear from you by December 15th, we will be emailing you to ask for your tracking information! Also, if you do not trust a package being left on your doorstep, then please provide an address to an office or other location where you are SURE to receive you gift. (We as co-hosts are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.)

Share the love! Please take a minute to follow the host blogs, and like their Facebook pages - this will help keep you up to date on all the important dates coming up for the exchange. Also, please take the time check out the other bloggers that have signed up for the swap (shown below in the link-up party), and leave some comments, find some new blogs, and make a few friends! If you feel so inclined, we would love if you would share about the swap. Either on your blog or Facebook page, if you joined and are excited share about the swap and encourage others to join - the more the merrier! 



  1. I'm looking forward to participating. I think I'm following all the hostesses. But please let me know if I missed anyone. Hugs!


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