Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall on the Farm

Fall on the farm is my absolute favorite.... Although it's way too dry out here now we have been blessed with amazing weather. I am talking seventies for about three solid months. I have loved it.

I am big on traditions, I probably mention them at least once in every post, but it's important for me to keep things going. Every fall my two eldest nieces Ava and Hailey come over for combine rides, pumpkin paintings, cookie baking and homemade pizza. I am not sure who has more fun, me or them. The kindness that is in their hearts makes me happy. They are the best people that I know.  Anyways, onto the fun of out night together.

Although we have a girls only weekend, I have to share this cute pic of their little brother Layton. I snapped this at the homecoming parade as we watched their sisters walk in it.

Sunsets on the farm this year have been amazing and breathtakingly beautiful. This particular night I spent the evening on the front porch watching my farmer combining the field across the road from our house. At times, especially during harvest things are tense, things are stressful, things are expensive, but images like this remind me why we work so hard to be able to farm. I can not imagine my life any different. 

The rest of the photos are just around our farmstead showing a little bit of my fall décor. I am a minimalist when it comes to décor. I go into my moms house and I feel like I am at Nell Hill's at Briarcliff Village. Each table and each section of her home is decorated to perfection. While I find it beautiful, my house is very much the opposite with a pumpkin or mum here and there. Christmas is likely to be a different story as I am already planning our outdoor lights (If my farmer is reading this, I love you!)

We have no sidewalk yet while we are waiting for the ground to settle. Hopefully early Spring we can get something going but my steps will come down right below where these mums are between the two pillars. I will have pumpkins and mums pouring down those steps next year.

I added little gourds to my concrete planters by my front door. 

Ignore my not so stylish garden clogs... I got them for free from my moms garage sale pile. :)
The cute door mat came from target. 

I add mums and pumpkins to each of my trees in my yard.

This looks like a black pumpkin in the photo but it's really a dark dark green one. So beautiful. I added it to my cake plate in the corner of my cabinets.

I am dreaming of all of my new (moms old) dishes that are going to fill this up in a few weeks for Christmas, but for fall I just added a couple of pumpkins and gourds.

Wheat bundles from my aunt farm in Warsaw.

Ignore the cords that you can see by the TV, they aren't usually that noticeable. It's funny, we built an ENTIRE house without too many arguments or disagreements with each other, but when my farmer started setting up that TV we broke that cycle. I may or may not have even threatened to make him move back into the little house (before we tore it down).... But I am happy to report we have moved on from that. :) To my farmer if you are reading this, you still need to "hide" those cords.

I did finally pot that mum in the little planter, just not before this photo was taken.

Whether you are on a farm or now I hope your fall has been great.  Happy Fall Ya'll.

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