Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Farmhouse Campfire Cake

 I made this Camp Fire cake in a cupcake version a few years ago for a big fall party that my farmer and I have every year. They were so cute and I have since been wanting to make a "cake" version.

Well here it is - the easiest boxed chocolate cake made into a little camp fire. The perfect cake for a Fall gathering or a Campfire Themed Party.

I'm usually very into making homemade icings, homemade cakes, etc..... Not for this thing. sometimes its just "easier" to grab packaged and boxed everything. Don't judge me! ;)

First things first - the fire.... Take red hard candies and yellow hard candies and unwrap them. Put them in a bag and smash them into little chunks (not too fine though - you don't want it powdery)

Place the broken up candies on a foil or parchment paper lines cookie sheet and bake on 375° for 5-10 minutes. Watch it carefully so it wont burn.  
It should resemble this....  


 Break apart carefully but try not to get them too small. If you are making cupcakes you want them smaller but for a cake you want them bigger.

In the meantime bake a chocolate cake. Yes I have a delicious chocolate cake recipe (find it here) but I settled for Betty Crocker. Sometimes its nice to just add oil, eggs and water and you still have a delicious cake. (I ALWAYS bake my cakes in 2 round pans)

We are in Harvest, so while I was in the kitchen making this cake tractor after tractor after tractor would drive by...... Fall on the farm is the absolute best.


 Back to the cake.... Bake, cool and frosting.....

For this "rustic" kind of cake I like the messed up frosting look. Usually I go for a perfect uniform look.


For the logs I used Twix candy bars and sliced them in half longwise.

 Then just assemble your campfire.


 So much cuter even in person....





Camp Fire Cake:


1 Box Chocolate Cake

1 Can Chocolate Icing

4 Twix Candy Bars

Red hard candy and Yellow hard candy

I hope you all are having a great Fall. I will have outdoor Fall décor pictures on the blog by the end of the week.

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