Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Farmhouse Fall Sangria..... Farm Wife Approved!

Farmhouse Fall Sangria.... It's as good as it sounds. Red wine, delicious fruit, cinnamon, oranges, ciders, cloves.... It just screams fall. And although I prefer it cold, this would be a great warmed sangria - almost like a wassail. In fact I might do that for our upcoming annual Hayride/Fall Party.

I normally triple (or quadruple) this recipe when hosting parties. In this instance I just made it based on one bottle of wine. Just enough (barely) for a pitcher.

Get your cinnamon sticks and cloves ready then cut up your apple and orange. Add all to the pitcher  (i leave a few pieces of fruit for the individual glasses)..

Add 1 bottle of red wine

Then one cup or orange juice and one cup of apple cider....  

I have never added beer to it before... This has been my go-to sangria recipe for years, but tonight as I was getting outlay juices I saw an Apple Beer and thought 'what the heck - I bet that's a pretty good addition. And it was. Kind of cut the bite of the sweet fruit and juice and wine... SO having an apple beer isn't going to be a MUST. But it was a good addition this time.

Perfect for the back porch while your watching your farmer work in the field.

And even as picture perfect that these photos look I want to share real life with you.... I spilled this whole pitcher of Sangria on the floor about 3 minutes after these pictures were taken. I was lucky enough to miss my area rug and break the fall of my pitcher so it didn't break.... But I lost all of my sangria..... and spent my evening mopping the floors. Oh well - I will use it as an excuse to make it again.

 Farmhouse Fall Sangria

1 Bottle of Red Wine
Cinnamon Sticks
1 cup of Orange Juice
1.5 cups of Apple Cider
Splash of Apple Beer (optional)

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