Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse..... Week 24

It's now an end to a very lazy weekend with my farmer. We have spent a lot of time on the couch, under blankets watching movies and today of course football. It's been the perfect way after a tough and very cold week. 

... I can not believe we have been at the is building a home thing for almost 6 months. Just last year at this time we just started to get serious about building a home. We would search endless hours on the Internet at house plans, that was such a fun part. (You know - before reality).... It's funny how we came up on this particular plan. My farmer and I found a one story house plan that we both really loved. I was ready to give up on my two story house dream when I scrolled upon this beauty.... Sure we made a lot of changes on the inside and some that affected the outside as well, but I could not imagine building anything different. It's our house... It's our farmhouse... 

We met with the siding guy today as well. We are doing white vinyl siding so there isn't a lot to decide there. I know vinyl is sort of a thing of the past to a lot of people. Concrete board siding that is painted is really popular, but for us having a white house, I like the crisp, clean look that vinyl siding offers.  Even though it is technically white now, I can't wait to see the outside with the siding, black architectural shutters and big white columns. 

But for now - back to week 24. Take a look... 

And we have a pretty sheet of plywood boarded up over where my front door is apposed to be. Hopefully that comes in soon. 

Also this is the door that we went with for the entrance to our garage. It is also what out interior doors will be.  The backing is a breadboard type look and just seems pretty country to me.

Our electrician (Fox Electric out of Warrensburg-super nice guy) braved some cold weather and put in some of our electrical this week. We have ALOT of can lighting. I've quickly noticed that light fixtures are mainly decorative. Sure they put out a little light, but for the most part they just set the look of the room. Don't get me wrong - that's pretty important too,  but I figured out early on we need a lot of can lights. 

I feel like these doors are the first thing installed in the house that I have picked out. Besides windows, but it was a little different. I was really excited about this door - so when it got installed this week I made my farmer text me a picture right away. 

Both of the windows and the doors have a transom window above. The space in between the door and the windows will really just be trim. SO when it's all done it will look more like one big unit as opposed to as separate as it looks here... 

Ahhh... if it wasn't already dark I would walk over to the house and just star at these doors. 

The inside of this door is wood but will be painted white (Dove White - to be exact) to match the rest of the trim. My favorite part of this door is the bottom panel. It's a 3/4 panel door so as you can see the glass doesn't go all the way to the bottom. 

And from the outside - they are white.... 

I am showing this side of the house to show you where our outdoor wall lights are going. 

It's a grainy picture but we have three of these lights for the East side of our house. One to the far left of the left garage door, one in the middle of the two garage doors and one above the garage entrance door - they will all be the same height. 

We are a ways off from figuring out our wood floors, BUT we are needing to order our banister this week. I will want our floors to be the same the of wood and stain as our banister. That look is not very grainy, very uniform and a beautiful dark, rich, cherry color... This below photo is exactly like what I am trying to get... It is a pre finished hardwood floor from Home Depot, but my farmer and I both want real hardwood floors. Hopefully after we talk with our hardwood floor people we have a better idea as to what the best kind of wood is to achieve this look. Wish us luck in this search.  

I don't always like the trendiest things... My grandmas house is one of my very favorite homes, I have liked toile since I was 12 years old, I would wallpaper every single room if I could afford it, I will more than likely paint most of my whole house a very light shade of grey, I feel a need to monogram everything (even my sheets)  I love floral curtains, and I collect butter dishes... None of that stuff makes me trendy - and that's okay....

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