Monday, January 19, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse.... Week 25

Week 24.... It's the middle of January and we are going on out 4th or 5th straight day of beautiful weather. It has me very ready for Spring (which means my house will be done) but I am afraid that we still have quite a bit of winter left. AND the 12 year old kid in me is desperately wanting at least one good day of being snowed in. 

Anyways - back to the house.... This is our Week 25 picture. 

Just for fun lets take a picture at our week 1 photo... You know - back when i made my farmer mow down record yielding corn... We still talk about that from time to time.

Back to Week 25 - we got a couple of new power poles. 

AND a pretty green electrical box close to our barn. I plan to hopefully hide it with some ornamental grass. But maybe with the green grass, green crops and green tractors it will all blend in.

Lots and lots of exterior lighting.... Excited to see how it will someday look at night. (See the little circles on each corner of the "eyebrow" those will be my lights. 

More lights.... 

Our rough in plumbing was finished over the weekend.

Double checking the placement of all of my heat/ac registers. 

In the upstairs bathroom we got our bathtub. Pretty basic - nothing fancy, but instead of a tub wall we will tile around the whole thing. Probably a white subway tile...

Or something similar to this... 

Outside faucets - can't have enough of these. I currently have one and trying to water everything from the plants to trees to the garden and 100 feet of garden hoses later those chores are finished. 

Things also got started on our HVAC this week as well. I say this week after week (maybe to convince myself) but I really feel like things are starting to come together. 

My farmer and I also spent much of Friday afternoon searching for counter tops. We are still waiting on price quotes, but as soon as I get those this next week I will share with you. 

And, as I was enjoying the sunshine and snapping pictures of our farmhouse, I glanced up at the sunset. This is my view from my front porch. I am feeling pretty blessed tonight.... Not for the house or even for the sunset, but just for the dirt it sits on.

I hope that you all have a great week - I sure plan on it...

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